The Adoration Of Jenna Fox Essay

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Jean Fox gets into a dreadful accident. An accident as severe as this one, most people would have been killed or crippled for the rest of their lives. Jean’s parents, Matthew and Claire Fox, make the choice to save her, even though this was dangerous and illegal. They thought It was the only way to keep their beloved Jean Angelina Fox. Jean Fox was In a coma while her parents were reconstructing her. If this procedure weren’t done, Jean would most likely have died.

Any parent would have made this same decision for their own child, even If It was legal or not.

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They only gave the new Jean 10% of her real self, but this Is better than nothing. This was the best decision for Matthew and Claire Fox. A massive risk like this may not always come out the way you planned. Lucky for Matthew and Claire, after the operation, Jean was doing well.

There was a major flaw to the achievement. Jean didn’t have much of her memory at all. Although It wiped out most of her past, I think It gave Jean the opportunity to find out who she truly was. It also allowed her to realize she no longer wants to only please others.

When she confronts her parents about it they tell her that after the car accident that caused her coma, the only way they could have saved her life was to use a bio gel that allows her to be human-like.

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They also told her that her two other best friends that were involved in the car accident were just like her and that they scanned her brain and put it into a computer. As the story progresses Jean starts to feel insecure and conflicted about whether she should tell her new friends about the truth or not ND thought that people wouldn’t like her if they knew who she really was.

This was also a very big advancement for science in the future. Without Jean’s parents trying this and successfully completing her, this may not have ever been done. Jean’s parents basically recreated a human using bio gel and other bizarre components. This type of project has never been done before until Jean. They took part of her brain and stored it in a hard drive. Then, they made a microchip out of the hard drive and inserted it into her head.

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