EXPERIMENT NO: 2 AIM: To document Software Requirement Specification for Dance Academy. THEORY: 1) Introduction: 1. 1) Purpose: This document gives detailed functional and non-functional requirements for Dance Academy. The purpose of this document is that the requirements mentioned in it should be utilized by software developer to implement the system. 1. 2) Scope: This system allows the bank employee to maintain a record of all the customers who have account in the bank.

With the help of this system, the employee should be in a position to search the records of a particular customer, provide him detailed account information and delete and update the customer information as and when required.

1. 3) Overview: This system provides an easy solution to the bank employee to maintain customer as well as employee records and maintaining a record of all the transactions that take place. 2) General Description: This Bank Management System replaces the conventional, traditional file and record based system with the help of which a lot of paper work will be reduced.

Thus the manual work of maintaining files which are subjected to physical wear and tear can be avoided. The employee must be able to view all the information of customers such as name, account number, date of birth, gender, address, initial balance. Also it must be able to record different transactions such as withdrawal, deposit or transfer of funds from one account to another. The employee can also add new staff members to the system providing them direct access to the database and thus enabling them to provide services to the users.

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Srs On Hospital Management System

The employee can also change his password to follow security constraints. 3) Functional Requirements: 3. 1) Description: The identity of each customer is verified and only then changes are made to the records each customer. After proper verification, the bank employee can bring proper changes to the database as per the requirements of the user. Also the system maintains an employee database thus keeping a record of all the members of bank as well as keeping the records of the transactions which take place daily. 3. 2) Technical issues: The system should be implemented in .

NET. 4) Interface Requirements: 4. 1) GUI: GUI 1: The first form provides login page for the employee. GUI 2: After successful login, there are different actions that can be performed i. e. change password, sign-out, add customer, delete customer, add details, view details etc. GUI 3: For adding customers, all the required information is taken and the submit button is selected for making corresponding changes into the database. GUI 4: Once the changes are made into the database, on clicking the view details icon, the details of the customer can be obtained.

GUI 5 and 6: The details of the customer can be updated with the help of form 5. A particular customer can be removed with the help of delete customer option. GUI 7,8 and 9: These forms record the different transactions such as withdrawal, deposit, transfer. 4. 2) Hardware Interface: Hardware Interface 1: The system should be embedded in each PC of the bank and in all of its branches. 4. 3) Software Interface: Software Interface 1: Bank Management System. Software Interface 2: The staff and employee database should maintain necessary records. ) Performance Requirements: The system should work concurrently on multiple computers during the working hours of bank. The system should support 50 users. 6) Design Constraints: The system should be designed in 2 months. 7) Other Non Functional Attributes: a) Security: Each employee is provided with a user ID and password to log into the system. Only then he can manipulate the database. b) Availability: The system should be available during bank working hours. c) Maintainability: There should be a facility to add or delete customers as and when required. ) Reusability: The same system must be used in every financial year. 8) Operational Scenarios: There will be an employee database and customer database. The employee database contains personal information of all the employees. The customer database contains personal as well as account related information. 9) Preliminary Schedule: The system has to be implemented in 2 months. CONCLUSION: Thus we have documented Software Requirement Specification for Bank Management System (BMS).

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