Sports And Money Essay

Hell yeah it is! Look at this world we live in, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is linked to money, and that does not exclude sports. Sports is very general term and to play any sport, one must think of the cost of it. Not anyone can play any sport they wish and that defeats the purpose that sports should be available for everyone. For example, unless you stay in a private residence that has a swimming pool or you decide to swim in the sea, a simple swim at the swimming complex could cost a few dollars.

Unless you stay in a private residence that is equipped with a gym, working out at the gym would cost you a few hundred a year maybe and you might just have to sign up for membership. If one were to go and play golf, the cost would blow you away. However, this sports I mentioned are probably the higher expense kind of sports.

Others such as playing basketball, soccer or a jog in the park would be free once you can find the venue to play it. Sometimes people refuse to play sports just because of the cost incurred to enjoy them.

Sport Money

Especially with us living in the buzzling city with no time to waste, it somehow gives us a even better reason to not play sports. Another good example would be the Olympics held once every four years. Compared to the past, the Olympic Games held today cost a bomb just to make the event a large scale one.

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Increasing number of countries from all over the globe participate in this event, sending their best atheletes at hand. The sponsorships to make this event successful and the money spent by spectators to fly there just to WATCH the event cost a fortune.

According to wikipedia on Modern Olympics, “The Olympics are one of the largest media events. The growth of the Olympics is one of the largest problems the Olympics face today. Although allowing professional athletes and attracting sponsorships from major international companies solves the financial problems in the 1980s, the large number of athletes, media and spectators makes it difficult and expensive for host cities to organise the Olympics”. That emphasizes my point that money is indeed too closely linked with sports. In fact, money is too closely linked to any existing thing in the world.

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Sports And Money Essay
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