A lot of employers are looking for employees with well developed “soft skills,” but what does that mean? What are “soft skills’? A soft skill is a skill that everybody can have whether you are a computer technician, a doctor, a teacher, or an artist. Skills like work ethic, time management, positive attitude, good communication, problem solving, being a team player, self-confidence, the ability to accept and learn from criticism, flexibility, and being able to work well under pressure are all considered “soft skills.

The opposite of a soft skill would be a hard skill, which is a specific skill or each career. Skills like playing an instrument, working with computer programs, or being able to diagnose an Illness are considered “hard skills. ” In the article, Soft Skills in the Workplace, each soft skill was taken and broken down Into at least 5 smaller parts. The article writers really did an amazing Job of analyzing, explaining, and getting their points across on soft skills.

For example, problem solving skills was broken down into seven parts. Those seven parts were broken down into at least three semi-parts each.

The first seven parts are, identifying the issues, understanding everyone’s Interests, listing the solutions, evaluating the solutions, selecting one or more solutions, documenting the agreement(s), and agreeing to monitor and evaluate the progress from then on. It seems as if there is nowhere else to go with that, but somehow they made semi-segments to go to each. That isn’t Just for the Problem solving skills.

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This was done for all ten soft skills listed in this article. (http://WV. Saddlebags. Du/cue/soft-skills-workplace) (http://WV. Saddlebags. Du/cue/soft-skills-workplace/positive-adulated) Three soft kills that I would personally use In my current classes are time management, work ethic, and keeping a positive attitude. Time management was the most broken down soft skill in the article I read. For time management I must get organized, avoid procrastination, develop decision making skills, prioritize, plan, write an action plan, delegate effectively, build coping skills to withstand life’s challenges, keep a short- term time log, and use technology. This semester I have really excelled in time management skills.

I have a weekly white board calendar, a hanging calendar, a emperor app that keeps me updated on everything that Is due or coming up wealth the week, and sticky notes everywhere In my bedroom. I have designated specific times to do work for specific classes. I know what classes to get ahead in, and which to follow along. Work Ethic was broken down into “work is work,” practice developing your own work ethic, getting a part-time Job, and writing down the most successful approaches to distance learning school assignments. I have really started to pride myself on my good work ethic.

I always get what needs to be done, done. I know how to keep myself motivated throughout the day/week/month/year. Keeping a positive attitude was broken down into gratitude, celebration of victories, turning problems into opportunities, keeping healthy and well rested, smiling, the “no complaining” policy, the “win-win” policy, being in and putting people in positions that utilize their strengths, trusting others and evaluating their results, and focusing on what you can enjoy while Improving the things that you don’t enjoy. When it comes to “positive attitude,” I am right on top of It.

I keep myself looking up on the rainiest of days no little down, but then I Just remember that if I don’t stay positive then it won’t get done correctly, and so I keep a positive attitude no matter what. All in all, soft skills are not something that I need to work that hard on, because Vive already established them myself. However, many people have not, and that is really an issue when it comes to being employed. Employers are noticing a lack of soft skills in the younger generation, and it’s costing us Jobs that we are capable of doing once we have those skills.

I read an article that really explained ten soft skills and broke it down as small as possible so the reader had absolutely no questions or confusion after finishing it. I believe I have a really developed work ethic, positive attitude, and time management skill, because those are the three things I need most for the classes that I am taking and so I have utilized those skills. Soft skills are not difficult to obtain and maintain. In fact they are very simple, if you put your mind to it and continuously work at it without any type of slacking. Anyone can do this if they try hard enough.

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