The statistics of motor vehicle theft in Malaysia

The following graph shows the statistics of motor vehicle theft in Malaysia from 1980 – 2010. From the graph it is clearly seen that the amount of motorcycles theft has been increasing drastically throughout the years compared to private cars theft. This might been caused by the fact that motorcycles are easy to be stolen compared to cars. But the amount of cars theft in 2010 has also been increased since 1980.

Which means the activity of all vehicles theft has been increasing throughout the years.

To avoid from becoming a victim of vehicles theft, there are a few preventive measures that can be taken. The first measure is to avoid parking your vehicle in a secluded place. This goes for both motorcycles and private cars owner. You should always make sure that you park your vehicle at the well lit areas at night or if possible, park at places that you can see your vehicle. The next measure is to install a tracking device such as GPS on vehicles.

Although it does not stop the theft from stealing your vehicles but it surely helps in locating them back. The GPS enables the police to track the whereabouts of stolen vehicles as long as the thieves didn’t dismantle it right away after stealing the vehicle. Vehicles owners also can install extra locks to their vehicle to avoid being stolen. For example car owners can install a steering lock while motorcycles comes with fork lock which is equivalent to car steering lock. This is an extra security to prevent their vehicle from the thieves.

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Extra locks mean extra work for the thieves to steal the vehicles and they might just change their mind from doing so. For car owners, make sure to keep your belongings that you left in your car out of sight, including packages, boxes and sealed things because it can attract attention from thieves. You should always make sure that you lock your vehicles before leaving it. Motorcycle owners should avoid parking next or between large trucks, SUVs or anything that can help cover thieves trying to steal your motorcycle.

Use a chain and extra locks on the rim or stand or handle of your motorcycle. If you have to leave your motorcycle outside make sure to lock it to a pipe or something, put it around the back of the apartment buildings where someone just passing by can’t see it. Also when buying second-hand vehicles, it is good to take these precautionary steps to avoid purchasing stolen goods. Make sure the vehicle you are buying comes with original and complete documents. If in doubt about the vehicle you are buying, make a quick check with either the police or Road Transport Department for assurance.

Do not be enticed or lured by the (cheap) price because most stolen vehicles are sold at a lower rate than the market price. Vehicle and motorcycle theft became serious as the statistic rising, as the owner we should keep aware the safety of our vehicles and motorcycle. ( 504 words) QUESTION 2 Factory can cause many kind of pollution such as thermal pollution, chemical pollution, air pollution and noise pollution. We should protest against the plan of setting up a factory near our housing area as it is hazardous to all its residents.

Electricity which is used in factory is generated by heat stored in the fossil fuels and the stored energy creates a heat flow that drives turbine. The turbines then generate electricity. All the electricity try to be organized so that it may travel in the same direction in a small line. Organization of this sort is created by man and so it does not occur naturally. Excess heat is then created because of the unnatural processes of creating organization. The excess heat lead to thermal pollution which contributes to global warming.

If the factory is situated near a housing area then all its residents will experience changes in temperature around them. Factories using single unit machines would cause a sound of about 98 dB and above. This means as the number of machines being use by the factory increase so does the noise it produce. If the factory is situated near a housing area the immediate effect to its residents is deterioration of the ability to hear things clearly. This is why we must go against the plan of building the factory. We wouldn’t want to have noise pollution in our residential area. The machines in factory works by using fuel.

The more fuel being use by the factory the more smokes will it produce. These smokes will be release to the air and cause air pollution. The smoke carries particulates. Particulates are tiny particles which are grouped by their size. The smaller the particulates are of a noxious substance, the more dangerous it is as it will be able to travel more deeply into the airways of peoples who breathe it in. People who lives near a factory is facing the risk of having health problems. Last but not least is the chemical pollution caused by the release of some toxic chemical in the factory.

The chemical waste will pollute the soil and water in the surrounding area. The soil will be highly toxic and unsafe for people. The chemically polluted water will be unsafe for elementary uses as swimming, fishing and drinking water supply. An example of dangerous contaminant that has been entering the food chains are the polychlorinated biphenyl compounds, which are components in adhesives, plastic wrap and various lubricants. It can be concluded here that the building of a factory near our housing area will cause more disadvantages than advantages to its residents.

The more people realise about this is the better as we all must stand together to protest against the plan of building a factory near our housing area. We all must protect our environment from harmful pollution. We wouldn’t want our children to grow up in a polluted area. We need to provide a safe and healthy environment for our generation in the future. (502 words) QUESTION 3 Plagiarism is a growing concern across universities in Malaysia and internationally. The definition of Plagiarism can be vary across the disciplines in accordance with differences in knowledge, authorship conventions and traditions.

The University’s Examination Regulations define plagiarism as the unacknowledged inclusion in a student’s work of material derived from the published or unpublished work of another. This constitutes plagiarism whether it is intentional or unintentional. “work” here includes internet sources as well as printed material. There are many reasons for the rapid growth in plagiarism. One of it is the fact that students nowadays have increasingly ready access to downloadable information from the internet and assessment tasks.

They tend to copy everything from the pages in the internet instead of making their own opinion about the topic. This might been caused by the students lack of knowledge and inexperience. Students have not been told about plagiarism at school and do not know how to avoid it. To avoid this from happening, students should be reminded not to cut and paste information from electronic sources such as web pages. They should think independently and critically. They can read what others have said about  a topic, but they will have to acknowledge the source, and then formulate their own opinion.

Some students are having difficulty with citing/referencing from other sources which caused them to do plagiarism unintentionally. To avoid this, students should make sure that they understand the lecturer’s expectations especially with regard to writing style, collaboration with other students, referencing/citing, sources and bibliographies. Students should always refer to their lecturer or tutor for advice to avoid plagiarism. Another cause of plagiarism is the lack of time due to poor time management. Students with poor time management often having problem to finish their assignment on time.

Due to this situation they tend to choose an easy but illegal shortcuts which is plagiarising others work. This can be avoided by reminding students to plan their work and asking them to send their draft to be assessed by their lecturer or tutors before they submitted their work. Students involved in plagiarism may not be able to learn certain skills that they should learn while in college or universities such as evaluating sources, taking careful notes, selecting appropriate quotations, paraphrasing and other related skills which can be very useful to them in their life as a student and beyond.

They will not learn any skills at all and their life as a students will be a complete waste of time. As a conclusion, plagiarism is a problem that has become rampant in higher learning institutions across all disciplines. Combating plagiarism is thus crucial as it is an immoral and unethical act violating another person’s intellectual property and lead to academic dishonesty. In the context of several studies, the overall findings suggest that the fight against plagiarism involves grooming the students and provide an adequate exposure.

Most of the students in this university are unaware of what really constitutes plagiarism and the consequence of such academic misconduct. (501 words) QUESTION 5 GENIUS DAY CARE ? EVERY CHILD IS A PRECIOUS AND WONDERFULL GIFT. Do you have problem on how to make sure you children were safe under a guarantee protection? You was in dilemma where should you child will be when you are working? You need a great and fantastic place to your child have a blast and perfect environment? Genius Day Care was here to help you.

This is a nursery school with complete facility for pre-school aged children that will make you children have an innovative and creative surrounding childhood. In our school we offered a quality development style of education especially for pre-school aged children. Our goal is to provide a rich of resourced learning environment that encourage our children develop themselves, explore, discover and create together among their friends. At Genius Day Care, we believe that environment is important in developing confident and clever children. Our Genius Day Care in a house with a large yard and mini layground. With this an extensive outside play areas, your children can have a healthy fresh air outdoor because our surrounding naturally surrounded with tree and garden. Absolutely, we are concerned about safety of these children. We prepared a strong secure fence besides that, Genius Day Care would not be possible without a dedicated professional staff. Our teachers are genuine with their interest in children and their enthusiasm on these children learning. They were prepared and trained to provide developmentally appropriate curriculum to stimulate learning child.

Our programs are designed to help children grow in healthy physical, social, and emotional and be initiative resourcefulness. They are three areas of learning. Communication, language and literacy. Your child will learn to talk confidently and clearly, enjoying stories, songs and poems, hearing and saying sounds, and linking them to the alphabet. Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy. Your child will develop an understanding of mathematics through stories, songs, games and imaginative play’. They will be aware of shapes and space.

Creative development. Your child will explore colors and shapes, trying out dance, making things, telling stories and making. You will have 30% discount on two months trial. We also provide mini bus, and pick up your children every morning at your house every 7. 00 am and who booked half day will be send home at 12. 00 noon, a child with full day may collected any time between 2. 00 pm and 5. 00 pm (in consideration you can set up time to take or send their according to your flexible time). We served them breakfast pursuant to their nutrient necessity.

All children will have mid-morning snack and juices. No lunch provided for half day children. Full day children receive hot lunch and dessert. The children will have midday sleep and mid-afternoon snack. Your child will be in warm, friendly and family orientated atmosphere at our place. So, what are you waiting for? Wish happiness for child? Come to see us and decide it by yourself. I am confident you will find Genius Day Care a wonderful learning environment for your preschool aged child. (507 words) QUESTIONS 7 A driving license is an official document which states that a person ay operate a motorized vehicle, such as a motorcycle, car, truck or a bus, on a public roadway. The laws relating to the licensing of drivers vary between jurisdictions. Different categories of license often exist for different types of motor vehicles, particularly large trucks and passenger vehicles. The difficulty of the driving test varies considerably between jurisdictions, as do factors such as age and the required level of practice. To get a driving licence in Malaysia, you will have to contact an instructor. An instructor is a person who’s certified and has experienced in teaching how to drive.

To contact an instructor you just have to go to any driving school in your area. After that, you will have to attend a 6 hour lecture session as preparation for the theory test. The lecture will be about maintaining a good car condition. This will take about 3 hour of the 6 hour session. The next 3 hour is a practical lesson conducted by your instructor on a one to one basis. The instructor will give you instructions on car maintenance such as maintaining radiator, battery, brake fluid, engine oil and also air pressure of tyres. After attending this lecture session, you will be given two books and a CD.

The first book explains about the rules and regulations on the road. The second book is a compilation of 500 questions. 50 questions from it will be chosen in the theory test that you will have to take on a PC at the driving school. The minimum score to pass the test is 42 / 50. You must pass the test before you can continue to the next step. The next step is the practical lesson. You will have to listen a lecture for 3 hours and after that the instructor will explain to you the analogy of a car before you are given an “L” licence which allows you to learn driving a car.

You need to have the “L” licence to enables you to learn driving on the road only with the attendance of your instructor. The “L” licence is for the duration of 3 months only. So you will have to be able to learn to drive in the 3 months or else you will have to pay more to renew your “L” licence. You will have to attend a minimum of 8 hour short driving lesson after attaining your “L” licence. During this 8 hour of short driving lesson your instructor will teach you how to drive.

You will be given instructions on slope climbing, side parking techniques and 3 – point turn maneuvers. After that, you will be tested by another instructor from the school to be as a trial test. It is a preparation before going for the full – fledged driving test by the officer from the Road Transport Department or also known as the JPJ. After passing the full fledge test by the JPJ officers then you are entitled for a “P” driving licence for the duration of 2 years before you are eligible for the CDL (Competent Driving Licence) licence. (528 words)

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