Self Critique Essay Examples

For many people public speaking is a very stressful task, which causes a lot of psychological pressure and anxiety. On the other hand, speaking in front of an audience is always a great challenge. Therefore, it is hard to find a person, who does not want to become a good, interesting and inspiring public speaker. Proficiency in public speaking is not only an effective tool for personal advancement, growth and development. It is also an important requirement of our contemporary life and informational culture.

Essay Example on Speech Self Critique

Usually I feel a little bit frightened before and during my public speaking. As I have discovered from my recent practices, I am extremely sensitive to reaction of the audience on my speech. If my listeners obviously like and enjoy my subject and the way I present it, I feel very much inspired and enthused. But when my audience does not express interest or appreciation of my efforts, it makes me feel frightened, so I can slightly start loosing my self-possession.

I guess, my strong points are good pronunciation, good skills in expressing my thoughts and ideas clearly, as well as positive attitude towards my audience. If I have some time to get ready for public speaking, to prepare the draft of my speech and put my thoughts in order, I guess my performance is successful and quite pleasant. Probably, I just need to improve psychological background and learn how to remain calm and self-controlled.

It proved to be very interesting to speak in front of the audience.

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Besides, I was really impressed with the performances of my class-mates as public speakers. Many of them demonstrated unrivaled eloquence, which was quite surprising to me. In addition, I’ve learnt that humor and optimistic tone of the speech are among the key points of successful public speaking.

I see that after just one week of practices I could improve my presentation skills and competence in public speaking to a great extent. After giving presentation in front of the audience, I have learnt how to organize my speech more effectively, how to behave when speaking and how to reveal no anxiety and uncertainty. This experience assisted me in becoming considerably more self-confident and comfortable when speaking in public. I believe that with the help of these special practices I’ll achieve prompt progress and learn to enjoy my public speaking.

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Self Critique Essay Examples
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