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The Scariest Place I’ve Ever Been The scariest place I’ve ever been was Stewartsville Cemetery, located outside of Maxton, N. C. The night we decided to go was Friday 13th. My wife and I invited friends and family over to watch horror movies. While watching the movies we began to get pumped up and ready for a night out filled with fun and adventure, not realizing what I was getting myself into. We left home around 12:30 that morning, when we arrived at the cemetery I was hesitant about getting out of my vehicle, because this was my first time ever doing anything like this.

The graveyard seemed to have at least three hundred graves, they were seperated by an old iron fence. As we all got out of our vehicles and began to walk through the graveyard the fog had began covering the burial grounds as if it was a blanket. We started walking trying to find the oldest grave, but it was so dark that I barely could see my own hands in front of my face.

I could only see the solar lights which families had put on their relatives grave. Instead, everyone came up with a great idea to play hide and go seek.

A Spooky Place Paragraph

I was afraid to join in because, the thoughts that were going through my head was darkness, heavy fog, and playing on dangerous grounds. In one area of the graveyard, the graves were dated back to the late 1700’s and in another area the graves were most recent, and the ground was still soft.

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We decided to see who could find the oldest grave and eventually I did, dating back to the year 1801. After we arrived back at our house and everyone went home my wife took a shower and layed down for the night. As for me, I was restless and scared to close my eyes.

The thoughts of the graveyard and spirits horrified me. I felt like I had done something really wrong and that the spirits were waiting to haunt me. That was the longest night ever, and I was so thankful to see daylight. In conclusion, I have to say that Stewartsville Cemetery was the most scariest place I had ever been. It has all the right characteristics for a haunted graveyard, and the graves there are old and spooky. Not to mention a place down the road called Gravity Hill, which is also known for it hauntings.

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