7 Habits Of Highly Effective People Essay

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is a book that primarily discusses on how people could develop good habits to be highly effective. A habit as we understand it is a behavior that we do every now and then, that occurs almost unconsciously. As the habits in the book are being enumerated, I begin to reflect on my own habits as well. Do I have these habits? Do I practice them? I started to realize, that I am not even half-way to be classified among the “highly effective” people.

 Does this have to be the case all the time? Do I still need a book to tell me what to have in order to be effective? I guess not. A habit comes naturally from within and doesn’t have to have standards. How can one say that a person is highly effective? Do we have parameters for these? The book deals more on self development and improvement, and how to maintain these good traits as we grow old.

Of course it is a good book. However, no one can tell that after reading this, and try to make alterations on our old habits, in accordance to the author’s suggestions; we could actually say that we have already been “renewed” from our old self.

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Old habits do not cease from being “you”, it just hibernate (Kanellos, 2005). So even if we follow these highly recommended suggestions, we can’t entirely claim that we are already free from our old habits.

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The book for me is just a guideline; a recommended reference for people who needs habit development (doesn’t happen for real, supposedly) and not really the grounds for my classification as of someone being highly effective. For the good habits is already in us, it just need some outside force to trigger its natural occurrence and existence. These develop in us through time and remains in us as long as we want to. Not to eliminate it entirely in our book-of-life, eventually new habits will then develop in us as we are exposed to new worlds and environments. This goes cyclically as we mature and when we encounter different experiences in life. Am I now “highly effective”? If we consider the 7 habits in the book, well, maybe I’m (still) not as effective. But does it matter? I am highly effective in my own little way.

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7 Habits Of Highly Effective People Essay
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