Psychological Disorder Research: Fight Club The movie, Fight Club, published in 1999, portrays two topics of psychology: Insomnia and Dissociative Identity Disorder. The unnamed narrator has not been able to sleep for six months straight, and he looks for treatment. He refuses to take medication prescribed by his doctor, so his doctor suggests for him to attend a testicular cancer group meeting. The doctor suggests this, because the narrator complains about the misery he has to deal with, but there are others who suffer more than he does.

The narrator attends the support group, copes with the sufferings that the men with testicular cancer have, and is somehow able to rest easily that night. The narrator himself is perturbed with how he is able to sleep after attending the meeting, so he starts to attend support groups regarding some sort of disease or disorder, such as tuberculosis, paralytics, etc. He figures out how he is able to fall asleep on the nights.

The misery of others causes him to cry, which leads to him being able to sleep.

Therefore he attends the meetings every day, becoming addicted to attending meetings even those he is pretending to be a victim of those meetings. In conclusion, there are ways to treat insomnia other than medication, but those solutions are possibly specific to certain people, such as the narrator. The Dissociative Identity Disorder comes along when he notices that a woman named Marla attends the same support groups he is attending. Marla is also pretending to be a victim.

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After this, the narrator continues to not be able to fall asleep and becomes confused and enraged, because he cannot imagine a way to change his life.

Fight Club Psychology

From the confusion and enragement, he mentally creates a man named Tyler Durden. The narrator does not know that Tyler is his other personality. From the narrator’s perspective, Tyler is just another man, who happens to be the complete opposite of him. The two men start to become really close friends, and starts to ‘fight’ with each other for entertainment. The two creates a fight club project named Project Mayhem, and the project grows to many major cities around the country under the leadership of Tyler.

The narrator complains that he does not have as much involvement in the project, even though the both of them founded it together. After the argument, Tyler suddenly disappears from the narrator’s life. The narrator starts to travel around the country to fight clubs in search of Tyler, where the narrator himself is recognized as Tyler Durden. Suddenly, Tyler reappears in front of the narrator, in which Tyler explains that they share the same body, but different minds. In this movie, Dissociative Identity Disorder is portrayed as a personality that is created when one cannot move on with one’s life.

The narrator could not face the world anymore nor imagine himself in a bright future, which is when he created the mental projection known as Tyler Durden. The narrator is able to suppress Tyler after the argument of leadership of Project Mayhem. The narrator hates Tyler; therefore Tyler disappears. From this, Dissociative Identity Disorder can be unconsciously controlled. It is not necessarily true that the personality created is aggressive, like in many cases of Dissociative Identity Disorder.

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