Dangerous Drivers: A Threat on the Roads

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Dangerous automobile drivers Introduced by Mr. Kumpol Pijadee Cars become the most important vehicle which provides passengers convenience. When the drivers hasten to work or to anywhere with any reason, they increase the speeds for arrive at a destination faster. In addition, some drivers occur on a cell-phone calling people. Imagine, one hand carries the phone and another hand holds a wheel or both hands drive the wheel but the phone is pinched between an ear and a shoulder. During the call, drivers concentrate on the phone talking more than the car controlling.

Furthermore, teenager drivers increase gradually. Teenagers retain inexperience of driving along with techniques and awareness. Indeed, dangerous automobile drivers cause a majority of vehicle accidents. The first dangerous drivers belong to speeding drivers. Many reasons result people driving very fast for example, people who want to arrive at the destination faster or get angry with other car which slow traffic. The exceedingly speed reduces drivers’ car control ability.

When the car control fails, the car crashes.

Besides, in the case of objects fall from the front car or truck, the following car may hit that object because driver fails to stop the car since to stop the car need longer stopping distance than usual. Accident compelled by changing direction immediately for avoids hitting the object mentioned occurs when the car speed grows. Finally, the results of accidents cause by car speed drivers lead the loss of properties and other drivers’ lives. Next dangerous drivers consist of cell phone users.

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Most of people use cell phones everywhere as possible such as while having launch, reading or driving.

Nevertheless, talking on the phone or texting while driving seems to be the most endanger accident factor. Using cell phones while driving attracts drivers’ attention from controlling a car or concentrating a way; therefore, the drivers may not realize what appears on the way or notice another car in the same direction. According to an article on a website edgarsnyder. com, in Pennsylvania, 1 of 52 states of America “Drivers are prohibited from using interactive wireless devices – including cell phones, mart phones, etc. – to text while their vehicle is in motion” This means using cell phone while driving emerge as illegal for all drivers in Pennsylvania. The statement shows clearly that people aware of accident in cell phone using while driving and try to solve the problem. The last dangerous drivers who can result accident involve teenagers. Teenagers retain inexperience of driving, techniques and awareness. According to statistics on a website: cdc. gov, teenagers underestimate dangerous situations.

Many driving situations can lead to accident such as passing at the critical condition or passing in the curve. Passing at critical condition means lots of cars staying in a same or an opposite direction and getting closed to each other. Each one needs their space to drive but someone wants to pass. Another factor involves passing in the curve. The curve conceals another car which comes on the opposite lane so drivers never see other cars in the curve. Teenagers allow too short in the distance from the front of their vehicles to the front of the next.

Teenagers possess lack of awareness. The statistics mentioned says that teenagers have the lowest rate of seat belt use. In short, all of vehicles provide us convenience. However, many of those drivers who drive their car recklessly result accident on the road including driving too fast, talking on cell phone and teenagers who possess less experience of driving can also cause accident. With these situations, people need to be aware of accident and drive carefully. This may decrease car accident ratio to satisfy levels.

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Dangerous Drivers: A Threat on the Roads
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