Merchandising Management

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I have gone through this study, as a part of the primary role of this company is to bring order of various types of garments products from foreign buyers of developed countries and local buying house and execute these orders in our factories. The practical knowledge of work I have achieved from KUN SOURCING LTD has provided me the base of my investigation. Although the highest foreign currency eamers, the sector of exporting the garment products from our country to different buyer countries does not prove itself an easy working domain.

A lot of problems are scatte red all over in the marketing process of garment products to different countries. As a novice of internship in the KUN SOURCING LTD.

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I have observed the problems, which it is facing in, it’s all over marketing process.

Some of the problems lie in the part of garments sectors and residuals may be found in the counterpart of its related working domain. As a fresh achiever of knowledge I have tried to investigate the problems of export the garment products for its surface to the bottom and tried to find out the possible solutions.

In Bangladesh, the future of garment industries is brighter in the era of globalization. Ultra modern technology are being used in the woven and kint garment industries in the outside world other than Bangladesh. To survive in the free market of the world, we have to use world standard latest technology in our ready made garment sector. The report will mainly focus on the appraisal of “Merchandising department” at KUN SOURCING LTD. Dhaka.


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Merchandising Management
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