Living Alone Vs Roommates

Living Alone or Living with Roommates Nowadays, a lot of attention has been drawn to the issue of whether college students should live alone outside the campus or live together with other roommates in the students’ dormitory. Opinions are divided on this issue. Those who are in favor of living with roommates have their own advantages. With several students sharing the same room, they could learn how to tolerate the difference between individuals.

However, others argue that students who live outside campus could have their own timetable without disturbing others.

Additionally, they could be more mature for their experience could be greatly enriched in real world. Especially for international students, they can fit in to the new environment much faster for they live in the real world so that they could become independent. In other words, they could adjust themselves quite well when they leave campus to work. As far as I’m concerned, I prefer to live off campus for I have three reasons.

First of all, people need to acquire the ability to solve the problems, professors usually spoon-feed the students; they give instruction to students how to solve the problems; however, these solutions must be adjusted according to the different environment in the practice; students cannot learn the alternative or adjusting method in the campus, they can only figure it out in the real live by themselves. For example, one of my friends, Dan, was so shy that he rarely talked to people before he lived off campus.

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I still remembered when he lived in campus; he was the person who just knew how to study. After living off campus, he became outgoing. I am so surprised for his change. He told me that everything became different when he lived off campus. He realized he is a real adult. He learned how to cook and how to arrange the monthly budget. Most importantly, he learned how to live in real world. He found many things that are as equally interesting as study. He began to think about how to live his life for the very first time. He deeply impressed me.

He let me knew that living off campus means independence which is the first step to touch the real world. Furthmore, nearly everything is arranged for the students in campus, the lectures, accommodation, professors and examinations. What the students need to do is to just follow the instructions and rules. Things are more unpredictable in the off-campus lives; students must arrange everything for themselves; sometimes, they even have to make the schedule for others. Just like my friend, Dan, learn how to balance academics and life off-campus.

Form my point of view, lives off-campus will show you how to manage their own live, I can gain a lot more lifetime experience than living in campus. Last but not the least, the communication in the campus and off the campus is different. People are easy to communicate with their classmate, because they have similar ages, and same position. The communication is academy-oriented. When a student comes to the society, he will meet more people, friends, colleagues, and bosses. His communication is not only the academy-oriented, but also business-oriented or family-oriented.

My friend, Dan, became more outgoing and easygoing. He told me when he lived off-campus, the actual condition pushed him to communicate with people whom he wasn’t familiar with. For example, once water pipe in his home was broken. He should call a plumber to fix it. But he had no idea of the phone number. So he knocked the door of his neighbors. His neighbors gave the plumber’s number. From then on, they became friends. It was his first time to make friends with those who were not his classmates.

The conversations between Dan and his neighbors may be family-oriented, which was totally different from the conversation between Dan and his classmates. From these conversations, he gained different information from actual world. Living off-campus may taught students communication skills which are vital when they graduate from campus. In conclusion, I find living off campus could be more challenging and attractive. Additionally, from an economical prospective, it is a lot cheaper to rent an apartment outside campus than to live in dorm in Cleveland.

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