Why Cell Phones Shouldn't Be Allowed In School Essay

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Argumentative essay Mobile cell phones should be limited in certain schools Mobile phones can be an issue in certain schools. Mobile phones should be banned in elementary and middle schools. However, phones during class in high school and college should be up to the teacher, whether or not to have them.

As youths get older, they become more responsible on how they use their phones. Elementary schools shouldn’t have phones’ period. The kids shouldn’t have a phone that young. They don’t need it for many reasons. Parents know where they are any ways. There is always an adult around. In case of an emergency, the school can contact the parents.

There is also a phone in the office and every classroom. Kids that young are easily distracted and those having a phone will make it worse. If they have a phone, they won’t do their class work or homework. They are not as social because they are too distracted with the latest Smartphone. Kids wouldn’t have as much fun with their friends that are over. They would be too involved in looking at their cell phones. Having a cell phone when in elementary school can help when kids are walking home from school. If the kids don’t answer the house phone when they are home, they are more likely to answer their cell phones.

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If they are outside, and their parents try to call they won’t hear the house phone. Kids won’t bring out the house phone; however, will bring their own cell phone. On the other hand, say that a group of 5th graders are walking to get a drink from sonic or 7-elven they have something in case one of the parents wants to text them to see where they are. Middle schools should have phones either during school hours. Middle schoolers can be a little active. When you have a cell phone, they are more likely to cheat during a test. The students are more probable to text parents to get them out of a test or quiz.

They are more likely to get into trouble. During class, they could be internet surfing and texting. They also could make wrong calls to authorities. Making an artificial call to authorities can make what you did a lot worse. Some parents think that schools should let students have their phones in use during school. They are a little more independent. They will always change their mind of what they are doing. If they have a parent pick them up, and they do an activity after school, and that activity gets canceled for some reason, the kids have to let the parents know.

If a shooting happens during school hours, and the kids made it out, that would be a comfortable thing to do is to let the parents know. However, if they are stick in a classroom for a school shooting, it’s an easy way to text the parents to let them know that they kids are okay. Thankfully, the Deer Creek Middle school shooting happened after school hours, and almost everyone got away safely. The Deer Creek shooting was probably one of the things that scared me. I knew a lot of people that went to the school at the time. A gentleman came to the school grounds and started to shoot as students were leaving to head home.

The shooter had gone to the school before to look around. He shot a girl in the arm and a boy in the chest. None of the students died. Students were either already on the bus, walking or getting picked up by a parent. Many students ran to Stony Creek, a nearby elementary school, to get away. Some of the students managed to jump into some strangers’ cars as well. Dr. Benke, a math teacher who was on bus duty, managed to get him onto the ground without getting more rounds off. Students who had phones were able to text friends to see if they were okay and to text parents. High school can be like college.

The school should let the teachers pick if students are allowed to have phones or not. Students in high school are a little more responsible. The students know what is wrong and right. Students in high school are a little more responsible. If they really need to use their phones, they will go out into the hallways. For example if they needed to call their parents or any relative, for some reason. Most students are good about not using their phones during tests. Some classes do have some days where they need to look things up and that is where the smart phones come in handy.

For example, if you are taking a foreign language class and need to look it up, you have the phone to look it up. That is if the teacher is busy and you can find it in the book. If they teachers don’t say anything about phones they can’t get mad at the students. Cell phones should be very limited in high school but not as strict as middle school. For example, they should be allowed during passing period and lunch but not classes. Phones should be turned in when they are taking a test or quiz. Students are allowed to get it after everyone is done.

If they have their phones out the students can take a picture of it and send it to other students as well as looking up answers. Students could also not pay attention to something that they need to know for college or their career path. They won’t focus on what is really important. Cell phones already take over so much of student’s lives. College is a big campus to control, that’s why teachers should be allowed to pick whether or not to have cell phones in their classrooms. The president of the university can tell the teachers, that cell aren’t allowed. The students are old enough not to use phones in class.

Nevertheless, there are certain times during class that it is appropriate time to use a phone. If a teacher has a more than 30 students, it is hard to see who has a phone or not. Students who are in a class that is not allowed to use a cell phone, may still try to sink using their phone. Many people can be split on phones in class in college. Ages in college, especially at Metro vary. Students who are older may have kids and need to be in contact with their kids. If they have later classes between one and three they may have their kid’s text them to let them know that they are home or got over to a friend’s house.

As you go up in education the more it will change. Plus, the more you have to be responsible for yourself and your actions. Anyone having a cell phone can make you want and not want to do things that you normally do or not do. Students are more likely to use their phones during school than outside of school. With my own experience I’ve noticed that I would use my phone more during class than when I’m out of class. That’s why it should be limited in schools. Like being banned in elementary and middle schools and then having

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