The Cell Phones History

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Reginald Aubrey Fessenden revolutionized the way people communicate in the modern world. He was able to come up with the first radio transmission of speech on December 23 1900 (Aitken 1985). This was the first step towards revolution in the world of communication. The cell phone has become a necessity in the current decade, as very few daily activities are carried out without its use. It has changed the way people interact with each other and the running of day-to-day activities. It has eased the cost of communication as opposed to other forms of communication.

However, this does not rule out the fact that communication amongst people has deteriorated, as there is emotional disconnect between people as they just use cell phones to communicate at each other instead of communicating with each other. This is the price for the technological advancement in communication. Technology advancements have enabled cell phone users the opportunity to experience new and innovative products such as instant messaging.

Numerous numbers of cell phones had been made in 1940, but their actual circulation and marketing began in 1983.

AT&T was the first company to apply for cellular service in 1971, but this was not granted by the Federal Communication Commission. It is until in 1982 when the Federation Communication Commission granted AT&T an Advanced Phone mobile Systems (AMPS) license (Aitken 1985). They were bulky and consumed a lot of energy. This is quite different from the kind of cell phones that are currently in operation which are lesser in size and energy efficient.

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This is a clear view as to the rate at which the cell phone has evolved.

Each cell phone model comes with its own distinctive features that give it its own competitive edge in the cell phone market. The cell phone has been the cause of all the advancements in technology as each model that is introduced into the market prompts other competitors to come up with new and innovative ideas to help them stay relevant in the ever changing market. It has been the main driver of change in technology. Cell phones have grown to become reliable portable digital assistants. They enable people with busy schedules to refer to these gadgets for reminders for duties or meetings, scheduling of meetings, messaging services such as the Blackberry. Unlike in the early 20th century when people had to rely on personal assistants for completion of such tasks, Blackberry phones have the ability to provide their users with Global Positioning System services that enable easy movement and location of places of interest to the users. A blackberry phone may prove too addictive to use (Funtasz, 2010).

They also have options for multiple users working with corporate companies to access their companies’ databases and be able to get the information they want without having to go to the office and get such information. Blackberry phones can be used as tethered modems on their own to enable the user to be able to combine the cell phone and a computer for access to the internet. This is a unique feature in the cell phone market. In addition, they are able to access internet services after subscription from their respective network provider, which is one of the main attractive features to the users irrespective of their ages in the current cell phone market. This enables individuals to access data on the internet for whatever purpose. Blackberry phones usually have preloaded applications such as Microsoft Word Excel for editing official documents and Facebook and Twitter that give the user an unrivaled social media experience (Funtasz 2010).

In conclusion, cell phones have brought about an unprecedented revolution in technology as every act of innovation by single cell phone maker brings about fierce competition from competing phone makers who want to outdo each other in a battle for share of the large and fast growing cell phone consumer market. Currently the phone makers have each invented their own technologies in developing cell phones to come up with distinct products that are made to meet specifications that appeal to a certain market niche. For example, there are touch sensitive screens, which are used as keyboards and as screens for displaying the relevant data

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