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Alternative Sources Of Energy Essay Essay

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How can alternative sources of energy be harnessed effectively? Written by Jill (Huimei ZHOU) Nowadays, there are more and more alternative sources of energy for people to use. But in order to harness these alternative sources of energy effectively, different countries take different actions based on their own natural resources. This essay will show that how to make full use of energy from different countries’ viewpoints. Undenied, many years ago, a lot of countries just use the fossil fuels to supply the energy that the whole city needs, but now the sources of energy are more than before, such as solar energy and biomass.

So in this case, many countries try them best to harness the renewable energy to reduce the dependence on the traditional energy. Over the last five years, many European countries have increased their reliance on wind farms and hydroelectric dams because of more expensive fossil fuels. For example, in Sweden, the city Kristiantad is looking into building satellite biogas plants for outlying areas and expanding its network of underground biogas pipes to allow the construction of more filling stations. [1]

Besides the European countries, the United States also makes some measures to control the renewable energy more effectively. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the United Sates need to spend about 8000 US farms on installing biomass plants. [2] In order to cut down costs, a number of states and companies are considering new investments or programs. They hope to build plants in Calnifornia to turn organic waste from farms and gas from water treatment plants into biogas. [3] Because of less natural energy and more expensive fees, this way can help the whole state to meet requirements.

Using Waste Swedish City Cuts Its Fossil Fuel Use

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Above on these countries’ methods, we can clearly see that different countries have different environments and situations. So if a country want to harness alternative sources of energy, they should make more reasonable policies depending on their real conditions, which will be more useful. Reference: [1]Using waste, Swedish city cuts its fossil fuel use[1], Source Book, Paragraph 3. [2]Using waste, Swedish city cuts its fossil fuel use[1], Source Book, Paragraph 4. [3]Using waste, Swedish city cuts its fossil fuel use[1], Source Book, Paragraph 4.

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