The Importance of Discipline in Life

Topics: Virtue Ethics

Discipline is a very important virtue in our life. It means to act strictly according to principle. Discipline involves obedience. Accepting the norms of the family, society, the commands of elders and obeying them is also discipline. It makes one successful in life General value of discipline: Discipline helps one to do things in the best possible way and at them right time . Completing our duties properly and said to be disciplined. A discipline person only understands the value of discipline.

All the general works of human development can’t be done without discipline.Scopes of discipline: In the entire universe, there is an order and discipline. The earth, the moon, the sun we see, move according to a system of discipline. There is scope for discipline in all matters of life. Family custom and traditions laws of the society and moral and spiritual laws of the religion are all to be obeyed. All kinds of people has scope and need for discipline.

Discipline in school: The foremost duty of the school is to teach discipline to their student. Schools are nursing places for various virtues and values. School disciplines aim is to control the student’s action and behavior.Importance of discipline in school: Discipline in the classroom, on the playground and elsewhere in the school is very important. Students must obey the rules and regulation of the school. They must obey the direction of their teacher. They should make a regular habit in their day to day work. They should keep their books, tools and belonging in the most disciplined order.

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Discipline in classroom: The classroom discipline consists of three main parts. 1)Rules that students must follow at all times. 2)Positive recognition that student will receive for following rules. )Effects of that result when students choose not to following the rules. Discipline during the class: It mostly depends on teachers. In the relationship between effective teaching and discipline significant attention must be given too the notion of student hope. Discipline in games class: In this class students should maintain discipline, do not push or hurt anyone, play in decent way. Positive effect of discipline: Maintaining good discipline is a necessary condition for establishing a classroom climate that is conductive to learning.Teachers who present their material in stimulating, meaningful ways motivate students. Students are actively learning content. Absence of discipline: It would hamper school environment and study. Teachers, cannot teach the students if they are making noise in class and doing unruly behavior. That’s why students are also inattentive in their study. can prosper in their future life. In a disciplined home everyone do their work in time and they would become a happy and successful life. Discipline at home: All the virtues including discipline begin at home.Children should grow up with a sense of discipline from an early age, so that they can prosper in their future life. In a disciplined home everyone do their work in time and they would become a happy and successful life. Positive effects of discipline in home: Every parent wants their children to be happy, respectful, respected by others. Parent can help his/her children become self- reliant, respectful and self-controlled. Discipline helps us healthy, vibrant and punctual. Effects of absence of discipline: Time and tide waits for none. Without discipline one cannot do things on time. One will always struggle to get anything done.Ultimately one cannot succeed in any activity without this great virtue Conclusion: Discipline builds up good nature and a strong personality in a person. It provides training of mind and character. Lack of discipline causes disaster and disorder in human life. Discipline is an essential quality both in private and public-life. Discipline in school and at home Submitted by Tahmid Farrukh Rasheed Class: Four Section: Blue Roll no- 22 Submitted to E. Ahmed Discipline in school and at home Submitted by Labeeba Tayeeba Rasheed Class: Three Section: Blue Roll no- 6 Submitted to Miss Tanzina

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The Importance of Discipline in Life
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