Deviations in Weather Parameters Over Time From Tens to Millions of Years

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Climate change is defined as the significant fluctuations in weather patterns. These fluctuations could be caused by harmful human activities or even the natural processes occurring on Earth. It is also a broader term to describe global warming and all the changes that occur on a certain location’s climate. Some signs of climate change include higher temperature, frequent occurrences of droughts, warmer temperature of the oceans, rising sea levels and melting glaciers. It greatly affects the environment, and consequently, humans.

Nowadays, climate change is one of the top reasons for the loss of the lives of many. Due to climate change, hurricanes and typhoons frequently occur, causing multiple deaths and even damaging the human properties. Hurricanes and typhoons also affect the crops, from which some depends for their income, and for everyone’s survival. Droughts also bring similar effects as hurricanes and typhoons. Other calamities may also occur, which will also mainly result to deaths. Today, climate change is usually referred as man-made.

Causes of climate change greatly include humans.

Yes, it is a natural process, but this natural process progresses more rapidly due to the harmful and irresponsible actions and activities done by humans. An example of these said harmful and irresponsible human actions and activities is the burning of a large amount of coal and oil to provide and sustain electricity to their houses and factories. Another is the burning of fossil fuels. Aside from knowing that fossil fuel is a non-renewable resource, burning of these will produce carbon dioxide, which is one of the so called ‘greenhouse gases’.

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These formation of greenhouse gases increase the state of global warming.

Climate change is obviously felt and observed especially today, though many of us, humans, ignore it. This issue of climate change should not be ignored; instead, it should be solved. But even after so many years of study, still, no single independent solution is offered to solve climate change. On the contrary, it does not mean that the rapid increase in the rate of climate change could not be slowed down. It is important to always bear in mind the effects of each of your actions. Do not be selfish. Learn to take into consideration the welfare of other entities of life.

People could do something. People should all have the goal to slow down climate change. This could be done by improving or even by altering the lifestyle we have. People should all learn to conserve water. Every drop of it is important. Conservation of water could also lessen our expenses. People should also minimize their use of electricity. When a device is not in use, make sure that it is pulled out of the socket, because even if it is turned off it still uses even a small amount electricity. Imagine if this ‘small amount of electricity’ used by each household, are combined and held together.

Then, it will also be equal to a big amount of electricity wasted. Another alternative is to make use of other sources of electricity, such as the use of wind power to turn a turbine to produce electricity. Since technology is now well developed, be wise enough to make use of it to prevent the worsening of climate change. Avoid the use of products which contributes to the worsening of the current condition of climate changing. Even the simple practice of segregating wastes could also be of great help. These changes may start even for one person only, who later will be the leader, whom others follow.

Climate change is continuous. But people can do something to prevent it from getting worse. These small doings, wherein everyone cooperates, would lead into a less worst climate change. The rate of climate change will be lessened, therefore, Earth could be a better place to live and stay in. Philippine Government’s Action to Climate Change Climate change has been a major environmental issue all over the world. Talks and debates questioning the certainty of climate change have been circulating for a long time in the scientific community. And by this time, based on the researches and from the extreme changes in the nature’s behaviour, the community concludes that climate change is actually happening in front of their eyes. According to United Nations, the heat wave in the summer of 2003 in Europe resulted in over 30,000 deaths.

In India, temperatures reached 48. 1 degrees Centigrade — nearly 119 degrees Fahrenheit. These drastic changes in the climate show that whole world faces the problem of heating up and melting away the ice caps which causes the rise of the sea level and erasing the low-lying places in the world.We are made aware of the problems we are facing due to climate change. There is no sense in averting from it because it is already there, the only thing the humanity can do is lessen its contribution to the problem and adapt to the changes to the environment. The government of the Philippines is giving its efforts, but the question is, is it effective and enough to prepare the people for the possible calamities and social problems we all face. I’ve stumbled upon some agencies in other countries who deals with the problem of climate change in their country.

One thing that I’ve researched is the DECC or Department of Energy and Climate Change in United Kingdom. I am impressed as I read through their programs. It seems like their plans are large-scale and long term, which can be very beneficial for their country. The agency responsible for protecting the Philippine lands and water is the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. My first impression is that they were the one who makes measures on disseminating information to the public.

I am quite surprised that there is a commission responsible for this, the Climate Change Commission of the Philippines created from the Climate change act of 2009. I’ve never heard of this before. I don’t know that such commission exists. The information dissemination about the commission’s goals is not effective enough in reaching the people. Their mission is: “To build the adaptive capacity of communities and increase the resilience of natural ecosystems to climate change, and optimize mitigation opportunities towards sustainable development. ” Some of their functions are:

  • Ensure the mainstreaming of climate change, in synergy with disaster risk reduction, into the national, sectoral and local development plans and programs;
  • Coordinate and synchronize climate change programs of national government agencies;
  • Formulate a Framework Strategy on Climate Change to serve as the basis for a program for climate change planning, research and development, extension and monitoring of activities on climate change;
  • Given such goals, presenting the commission and its goals to the Filipino community is a good step to take.Filipinos should know that such commission exists so that we will be aware of what actions we can do to help lessen the detriments in the environment.

A clear and concise information dissemination should be done to fully understand climate change and what actions to take to lessen the contributions drastically affecting it. Also, I think there must be a more thorough connection among the agencies in the government in dealing with climate change the problems it causes.

It is disappointing whenever government agencies points the blame to each other whenever someone needs to be blamed when accused of lack of efforts in giving the public information and incorrect predictions about a typhoon. Lives of people are at stake and there seemed to be no improvement on the Philippine typhoon forecast. There must be more pressure applied to the agencies and government bodies and offices in order for them to perform their functions properly. According to AlertNet, Filipino government makes climate change a top 2013 priority, but due to the various social issues now suddenly occurring in the society, the issue on climate change seemed to be overlooked and not taken care of.

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Deviations in Weather Parameters Over Time From Tens to Millions of Years
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