Environmental Sanitation Essay

The exterior of the establishment including the building structure, parking space, landscaping, doors and windows. The exterior design is also responsible for attracting customers. The exterior must be clean, safe and pest-free. I. Proper Water Supply Adequate water us apply and proper sewage disposal are vital to the sanitation of the establishment thus drinking water must only be obtained from an approved source.

Essay Example on Environmental Protection And Conservation Of The Ecosystem

When another non-public water system is used, it must be operated and maintained according to the water system jurisdiction.

A reservoir that is used to supply drinking water to devices such as Fountain dispensers, Vending Machines, or Produce foggier must be maintained and cleaned at least once a week by: Drain and disassemble water and aerosol pa arts Brush clean the reservoir, aerosol tubing, and discharge nozzles with a suitable detergent sol’s.

Flush the complete system with water to remove the detergent and particulate accumulation. Rinse by immersing, spraying or swabbing the reservoir, aerosol tubing, and nozzles with at least 50 pimp hypochlorite sol’s.

Non-potable water sources must be approved and may not be used for culinary purposes. A drinking water system must be flushed and disinfected before being placed into service. – Proper disposal of sewage greatly reduces the risk of Fecal Contamination of food and water.

The FDA food code require sewage from food establishments to be disposed through: A public sewage treatment plant An individual sewage disposal system that is sized, constructed, maintained and operated according to the rules and regulation of the jurisdiction.

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The entrance area to the facility creates a lasting impression, it should be ass to find and accessible to streets and parking areas. Using a self-closing door is acknowledged to keep flying insects from entering. . Floors, Walls, Ceilings -Proper cleaning, repair and construction are important elements of an effective sanitation program. Consider the if. When making a selection of floors and walls: Sanitation Safety Durability Comfort Cost -Smooth and easy to clean surfaces are needed in food preparation areas, store rooms, and ware washing areas. Iii. Floors -The Preferred floor materials include: Term razz Quarry Tile Asphalt Tile Ceramic Tile Ceramic may also be used if it has been sealed with an epoxy. In food production and ware washing, avoid: Wood Vinyl Carpeting *Mainly because these materials absorb dirt, soil and water that may cause contamination. * – Floors graded to drains are needed in the food establishments where water-flush method is used for cleaning. -Floors and walls must be cover and sealed. -Slips and Falls are the most common accidents happening in food establishments, In order to prevent this, it is advisable to use mats and anti- slip floor coverings to protect the safety Of the workers thus it is prohibited to SE sawdust, diatomaceous earth. Iv.

Walls and Ceilings -Smooth, nonabsorbent and easy to clean walls and ceilings must be provided in food preparation and ware washing areas, walk-in refrigerators, and toilet facilities. Light colors enhance the lightning and makes dirt’s easy to see. Ceilings should be of Nan-porous, easily cleanable materials. Everything that is attached to the ceiling and walls must be easy to clean and always maintained.Toilet facilities are required for all employee restrooms must be conveniently located and accessible to employees during all hours of operation.

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Environmental Sanitation Essay
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