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Early Japanese and Korean Civilizations

What was the biggest difference between the Chinese influence on Japan and the Chinese influence on Korea?
Japan invited collaboration with China, while Korea was conquered by China.

The Chinese-Japanese relationship began with

An important aspect of the Shinto religion is the presence of

What is a similarity between Japanese and Chinese religious beliefs?
worship of ancestors

Chinese influence in Japan was the result of
Japanese imperials adopting many Chinese customs.

What was adopted directly from China by Japan?
a written language

A shogun would most likely be found
on the battlefield.

Which artistic aspect of Chinese culture was incorporated by Koreans into their culture?

Which decision by Tokugawa Ieyasu was most influential in Japan’s cultural rise?
deciding to rule from a new capital, Tokyo

Japan, China, and Korea were
neighboring countries who shared a common history.

Which religion did China introduce into Japan?

Why might the Koryu dynasty have promoted a civil service system based on Confucian principles?
because Confucius valued virtue for both rulers and citizens

The Warring States period was a time when
shoguns fought each other for land in Japan.

Which scenario best illustrates the concept of feudalism?
“Come work for me for six months and I’ll forgive your debts.”

Traditional Japanese poetry is called

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