Early Civilizations History Questions & Answers

What was the most important factor that created changes in the Minoan civilization?
NOT: They developed large cities and created great palaces.
The time line shows early Greek civilizations. The development of early Greek culture occurred over a period of approximately how many years?
What is Peloponnese?
a peninsula
Whose accounts influenced Western education and culture for thousands of years?
The map shows Greece. Judging by this map, would it be difficult for another country to attack Greece?
Yes, because mountains are a barrier on one side and Greece could defend its coastline.

The most important reason Greek civilization was able to flourish was because Greeks did not have to worry about
Today, knowledge of Greek culture from 1150-750 BCE primarily is derived from
oral histories that later were written down.
A long, narrative poem about a heroic figure is
an epic.
The map shows Greece. Judging by this map, which geographic characteristic did the locations of the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations share?
They both border on the Mediterranean Sea.

Who ruled the Mycenaeans?
Which best describes an ancient Greek tragedy?
a play about human emotions with a sad hero
Who wrote The Republic in ancient Greece?
The leader of the Athenian Empire worked to
give citizens direct input into the government.
Why did city-states in the Delian League revolt against Athens?
They resented not having a say in the government.
What was one cultural contribution made by the ancient Greeks?
The Greeks were the first to write dramatic plays.

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What impact did the outcome of the Peloponnesian War have on Greece?
The Greek Golden Age started to come to an end.
Democracy developed in Athens around
500 BCE.
During the Golden Age of Athens, a tribute was
a tax paid to the empire.
Athens led a group of city-states following the
end of the Persian Wars.
How did Hippocrates differ from Herodotus?
Hippocrates was a physician who created a statement of basic ethics, while Herodotus was a historian who shaped how events are recorded.
The Hellenistic Age came to an end around
30 BCE.
During Alexander the Great’s reign, Darius III was the king of
The total area of Alexander III’s empire stretched from
Greece to the Indus River.
What contribution did Alexander the Great make to the Hellenistic civilization?
NOT: He provided military support for the ruler of that culture.
Which statement describes the city of Alexandria?
Alexandria was an Egyptian trade center and home to a diverse population.
After the Hellenistic civilization came to an end,
it affected European arts and culture for thousands of years
The Hellenistic civilization included a blend of Greek culture with
Egyptian, Indian, and Persian influences.
When did Alexander the Great take the throne?
336 BCE
The Hellenistic Age began in Greece with
the death of Alexander the Great.
This map shows ancient Greece during the classical era. Which statement best explains the map?
This map shows the total area conquered and controlled by Philip II.
Like Rome, the United States has
two houses in the legislative branch.
With Caesar Augustus’s rise to power, Rome
became a powerful empire.
One of the geographical advantages of early Rome
were the hills and mountains that protected it.
The Roman Republic began to expand when Rome fought the Punic Wars and defeated
How was Julius Caesar killed?
He was assassinated by senators.
Which was an achievement of the Roman Empire?
starting a civil service
How many branches of government did the Roman Republic have?
Rome was strongly influenced by the culture of the
The factor that most contributed to the development of Roman civilization was
NOT : Rome’s language.
What was one consequence of Roman expansion beginning in 300 BCE?
Economic problems began to increase.
Who is considered to be the most influential leader of the early Christian church?
John the Baptist*
What was the lasting effect of the Roman Catholic Church becoming the official church of the Roman Empire?
The Roman Catholic Church dominated European society for one thousand years
Early Christians were persecuted for their beliefs. Which belief in particular made others suspicious of Christians?
NOT : their belief that Jesus was the son of God
Jesus’s disciples and followers spread the message of Christianity
by traveling to speak to people across the Roman Empire.
Jesus selected twelve men to be his disciples. What was their main role?
to spread Jesus’s teachings
How does Christianity differ from ancient Roman religion?
Christianity is a monotheistic religion.
Why was the spread of Christianity to non-Jews significant?
It helped Christianity emerge as a separate faith.
This map shows the spread of Christianity by 325 and 500. By 380, the Roman Catholic Church was the official church of the Roman Empire. By 500, parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa were Christian. Based on this map, which modern-day country was the first to embrace Christianity?
According to Christian beliefs, Jesus was sent to Earth to
to save mankind from sin
The teachings of Jesus could be best described as a focus on acceptance and love for
all, especially the poor and weak
The Roman emperor Diocletian was an absolute ruler. This means that he
had unlimited power and authority.
The Pax Romana ended in 180 CE after over one hundred fifty years in existence. The end of this era ushered in a period of
NOT : foreign wars.
After he gained control of the Roman Empire, Constantine moved the capital to
Byzantium and renamed it Constantinople.
One way Diocletian brought short-term order to Rome involved
dividing the empire into eastern and western regions.
What occurred in Rome after emperors minted more coins to raise money?
The new coins lost value because of inflation.
After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, what filled the void left by the disintegration of the political structure?
Dark Ages.
Which of Diocletian’s economic changes helped bring short-term order to Rome?
NOT : He started a new coin system and expanded trade.
Which describes a difference in the rule of Constantine and Diocletian?
Constantine reunited the empire and served as sole ruler, while Diocletian divided the empire and shared emperor duties.
Which explains why Romans were upset by the emperor’s decision to create more coins?
The people needed more coins to buy the same amount of food as before.
What long-term political factors led to the collapse of the Roman Empire?
NOT : People increased support of the army under the threat of invasion.
A republic is a government run by
representatives of the people.
The Western Roman Empire finally collapsed when the final emperor was driven from power. Who forced the emperor from power?
Germanic tribes
Although they were different in many respects, which characteristic did the Minoans and Mycenaeans share?
Both shared the same system of writing.
The Peloponnesian War began after
Sparta attacked Athens by land.
According to its foundation myth, Rome was founded by
twin brothers
Alexander the Great became king of Macedonia
after Philip’s assassination at the hands of political rivals.
Who wrote nearly half of the books of the New Testament?
What happened to the Roman Empire after Constantine’s death?
The empire split, and the west fell into decline
The first work of Greek literature to be written down was
The Iliad.
The Athenian Empire included
he city-states around the Aegean Sea.
Jesus of Nazareth eventually became known as Jesus Christ. Christ comes from the Greek word for
Why was Constantine’s conversion to Christianity significant?
His conversion meant that Christians would no longer be persecuted.
Which city became the cultural center of the Hellenistic civilization?
The official religion of the Roman Empire was a form of paganism in which worshippers prayed to Roman gods and the emperor. In Judea, was there any freedom of religion under Roman rule?
Yes, Jews were able to practice their religion.
What was the reason for Julius Caesar’s assassination?
Some people feared Caesar wanted to become king and destroy the republic.

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