Dusk Over Atlantic Wharf Analysis

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Wharf Laths marriage has been arranged therefore she does not know her husband that well. She keeps thinking of why her father wanted her to come to Wales. He said it was so she would have a good future. She seemed happy in India and that is why she is wondering why she was sent to Wales. It says In line 55 that “she wanted to love him desperately but he made It difficult for her at times”. She wants the married to work and It seems like she really does care for him.

He probably Just married her because of Indian customs.

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They think every should get married and they should marry an Indian person. He does not have his heart In this married. He goes on with his everyday life and he forgets to make his wife a part of It. When she does not fit In to the Welsh way of life he gets embarrassed Instead of helping her by telling her how things are done In Wales.

He cuts her of when she talks and Ignores her when she cries In the car. A husband Is supposed to support his wife no matter If the marriage Is arranged or not.

They eave made a lifelong commitment and It will not last If he does not pay more attention to Lata s feelings and help her become integrated in his life and surroundings. In the end she is sad because she is home sick.

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Every time she tries to talk about her home Anus cuts her of and says “Cardiff is your home now’. Instead of being loving and supportive and talking to her about her problems he lust cuts her off. He does not even help getting her settled into the Welsh culture. It is clear that she wants and needs to talk about the home she left behind in order o settle into her new home and he does not help her with that.

Not only is it hard for her to marry a man she barely knows, but she also had to move to another country to be with him. She moved for him therefore it is his responsibility to help her get settled in. If he found the talking in the movie theater embarrassing he could have talked to her about the movie and her homesickness with her in the car when they were alone. Perhaps Anus did not want to get married, but was forced by his family. It could seem to be the case based on the way he treats Lata.

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Dusk Over Atlantic Wharf Analysis
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