Usage of Human Nature Duality In Psycho

Hitchcock presents duality and the complexity of the human nature by using contrast in the film. The main kinds of contrast shown in the film are black and white, light and shadow, and the fight between good and evil. In the film see that there are two sides to people’s personality’s, hitchhike often shows this by using mirror images. Psycho was made in the 1960’s. At this point of time colour was in wide use, however, Hitchcock decided to make the film in black and white, his reasons, “the films too scary!

However, filming the film in black and white added to the effect of duality, such as light shadow, mirror images and life and death.

Hitchcock portrays good and bad in people by using black and white, light and shadow and mirror images. For example, in the first scene Marion is in a hotel with her lover Sam, she is dressed in white this gave us, the audience the impression that Marion was innocent.

This is because white is often associated with something clean or pure however, when she turns from good to bad we see her dressed in black.

Hitchcock often presents duality by using mirror images, we often see a mirror image of a person when a different “made up” side to a person is being portrayed, and when a character is trying to cover up their true identity and become someone else. For example, when Marion checks in at the Battes Motel, she gives a false name and address at the reception, next to the desk is a mirror image of her-self.

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This shows the two sides to Marion, good and bad.

Usage of Mirror Imagery in Psycho

Through out the film men are portrayed as more menacing than women, they are normally surrounded by sharp objects while women are surrounded by more circular objects. For example, in the pallor scene we see a one 2 one conversation between Norman and Marion. Sharp, pointed objects such as stuffed animals and pictures surround Norman, while oval shapes like an oval mirror surround Marion. Also in this scene Norman is in shade while Marion is brightly lit. These contrasts suggest that Norman is evil and that he has a dark side to him, and Marion is good.

One of the main contrasts in this film is Norman’s split personality: himself and his mother. In the film we learnt that Norman murdered his mother and her lover, because he was jealous. He was jealous of his mother’s lover, he felt that his mother was giving all her attention to her lover and not him this growing jealousy lead to the murders of his mother and her lover. This film was all about peoples past lives and secrets hunting them. For example, Marion left her hometown “phoenix” so she could get away from the crime that she committed.

But during her journey a policeman was chasing her. Hitchcock portrays the policeman as menacing, this effect was created by the big black glass’s covering the policeman’s eyes so we couldn’t see his facial expressions, he also looked as if he was talking down to her The consequence of the decisions taken by Marion lead to her death. She chose to take the money witch lead her to run away and she chose to check in at the Battes Motel Hitchcock presents the duality and the complexity of the human nature in the film “Psycho” by using a number of effects such as light and shadow.

I think this film was a successful thriller for its time. Hitchcock used an intelligent plot, which inspired a new generation of directors all around the world. Hitchcock’s work was often described as “the mystery, the madness, the suspense all wrapped up in a neat little box. ” I think that this is an excellent description of Hitchcock’s work because he structured the film “Psycho” so that we wouldn’t know what was going to happen next. He skilfully used music to create suspense, he done this by changing the tempo dramatically

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Usage of Human Nature Duality In Psycho
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