Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover Essay

O’Neal Appearances are often misleading People treat other people with a disorder unequal due to them being handicapped. They look at them as If they are not normal. After looking at the movie Bill, people’s personal views on those with mental retardation are viewed differently. This movie Is Interesting to watch and It motivates people who don’t have the same ablest as normal people. This movie shows that you can’t always judge a book by its cover.

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In the movie Bill was an old man who was placed in a mental home since he was seven years old. Bill didn’t understand himself as abnormal as all the other people who was actually mental challenged. Although he was an abnormal person due to his disorder, he could play an instrument. Bill meet this man named Barry while he was working and they became best friends.

Along the way Barry learned that Bill was as smart as anyone else, but also he’d been locked up in a mental institution since he was 5 years old and treated as if he was mentally handicapped.

In the movie you will twice how Barry views Bill as equal as any other person in his own way. He finds something special in Bill that no one sees; which inspired Barry to make a movie about him. When they started to get more into the movie, then Barry started to get more close to Bill.

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Barry views on Bill did not changed, but other people still look at Bill as an abnormal person with a disability. Bill often got taken advantage of because he was so nice. People still saw Bill as an outsider. Bill started to working for the university as a person who rakes leaves off the kids’ playground.

The kindergarten teacher often saw Bill as a threat to her students. She did not understand that he had a mind of a child and was completely harmless. People didn’t know for sure why she dislikes Bill so much, but Barry was determined to find out the reason why. Bill Just wanted to be treated equally like the other people he sees around him every day. That kindergarten teacher couldn’t understand about his My response would be that this was one movie that could Inspire situation. People to get to know others before Judging. The saying “Appearances are often misleading” seemed to be the exact difficulty In this movie Itself.

It was a simple but heartfelt story of a challenged man trying to get through life on his own, with all the Innocent fun and happiness, all the love to and from accepting friends, and all the huge frustration of Just trying to get by from day to day with a deck always trying to judge him. The movie “Bill” was not a fairy tale film Like Forrest Gum was, or a misrepresentation of the real truth about autistic sufferers as was Rain Man, but a he beginning of the movie I remember feeling sorry for Bill, however, by the end of the movie I felt sorry for the people who didn’t know Bill or have a Bill in their life.

After watching this movie, I became more aware of the people around me with disabilities and befriended several. Now after watching this movie, people would get a better understanding that all people should be considered equal besides on the way they look. All people were placed on this earth for a reason. With that being said, there is no such thing as being normal in my eyes and this movie was a true story that proved it.

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Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover Essay
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