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Distance learning is the type of the educational process which is characterized with the use of the high technologies in the transition of information from teacher to student and vice versa and the student does not require attending classes at the college or university physically, because he is able to receive the same information but in the virtual way.

Essay Example on About Distance Learning

Distance learning has become a popular activity, because it enables students to save much time and cover more information, in comparison with the ordinary way of education.

Of course, there is a disadvantage of distance learning which is characterized with the fact that the student loses the direct motivation and control from the side of a teacher. Many students can not make themselves study without the constant teacher’s control, so distance learning is not acceptable for such students.

The history of distance learning is quite long, because many people guess that it is an innovation in the process of education.

Years ago when there were no computers and high technologies, distance learning was organized with the help of correspondence. The student wrote letters to the teacher, received instructions and plan of the lectures and studied alone and passed the exams in the written form. Nowadays the process of distance learning is generally popular among the students who study at several universities simultaneously. The most common faculties which allow students to receive education in this way are the courses on programming, business, management, etc. In addition, the option of distance learning is used by the disabled students who can not attend classes physically.

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