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Problems With The Traditional File Environment Paper

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2. Why was the consolidated watch list created? What are the benefits of the list? ANSWER: In the aftermath of the 9-11 attacks, both critics and defenders of the information systems employed by the US intelligence community became concerned on how to prevent future terrorist incidents. Then a database of suspected terrorist known as the consolidated watch list was born. It is created in order to maintain separate list about terrorist and share relevant information concerning the individuals on each agency’s list.

Benefits of consolidated terror watch list 1. Classifying and organizing information: classified information about the people in watch list is maintained and the entire databases are well organized according to their name and date of birth. 2. Provided record by two sources: the NCTC and the FBI both the agencies provide information to identify terrorist. These agencies collect and maintain terrorist information and nominate individuals for inclusion in the consolidated watch list. . Updating information with time: the watch list database is updated daily with new nominations, modifications, to existing records and deletions. 4. Distributing information properly: Information on the list is distributed to a wide range of government agency for use in efforts to deter or detect the movements of known or suspected terrorist. 5. In airport: Airlines use this data for prescreening passengers the selectee lists.

Traditional File Environment

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The US customs and border protections system uses bit to help screen travelers entering in the US. Last but not the least in USA port, police station, VISA center these issues are very strict. They conduct a name based search of the individuals. When the computerized name-matching system generates a ‘hit’ against a watch list record, the airline or agency will review each potential match. All of these databases require certain minimum biographic or identifying data to accept records from the consolidated watch list.

Problems With The Traditional File Environment

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