This sample paper on Cultural Collision offers a framework of relevant facts based on recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body, and conclusion of the paper below.

Culture hits has been both positive negative to those involved such as Columbus and his tally in with the Natives Americans. Gallic revolution and the Haitian slaves. and African Imperialism. In any civilization. subculture. or household in which belief is valued above idea. and self-surrender is valued above self-expression. and conformance is valued above unity.

those who preserve their self-pride are likely to be epic exclusion. In the civilization hits I learned about most was seeking to alter others civilization and positions on life in this eassy I will give more backgrand on the positive and negatives of the hits of new universes like Columbus and the new American. Haitia revolution. and Africans new manner of life.

Things Fall Apart Cultural Collision Essay

I start my civilization hit with a immature sailer by the name of Christopher Columbus and his tally in with the Native Americans.

Columbus sailed for Spain but was from Itialy. Columbus hunt was for spices. He thought by sailing west across the Atlantic it would convey a ship to Eastern Asia. His programs made sense. but columbus greatly underestimated earth’s size. and had no thought that two continents lay in his way. Once columbus got to the new universe he call the indigens. Indiains believing he was in Asia. ”As shortly as I arrived in the Indies.

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on the first Island which I found. I took some of the indigens by force in order that they might larn and might give me information of whatever there is in these parts” . ( -christopher columbus 1492 ) . After happening out that these people was non what they seem. Columbus and the Natives American made a pact.

The indigens were good neighbood they tought Columbus how there lands plants. and ways to function the land. Columbus used this new found universe to convey European. Americans. and African civilizations together. Not merely did he collied the civilization he brought nutrients and animate beings. Even though the hit had good bend out at that place was a down autumn of this hit with Columbus inhumain manner of handling the Natives Americans. In two old ages. through slaying. mutilation. or self-destruction. half of the 250. 000 Indians on Haiti were dead. ( -Zinn. ) . Columbus killed many of the Natives Americans after friending them. After they though him what he needed to cognize they was non use to him. Even though Columbus collied. the universe at what cost was that to all the life’s he took.

The following civilization hits was the revolution of Haiti and French. get downing with Napoleon against a free slave named Toussaint L’Ouverture. Haiti had heared to Enlightenment Thinkers talk of equal rights and thought that they should be intitled to the rights besides. Napoleon started out as an Italian general and ended up being one of the greatest historical figures. First. Directors requested Napoleon’s support while forming a putsch d’etat. Then. Bonaparte fought Britain in order to profit France. Last. he was called to assist making a new fundamental law and ended up as the First Consul of France. At place. he ruled utilizing flattery. but besides he strongly resisted the resistance. Napoleon is a pro-revolutionist because he denied all the privileges of the nobility. created a new fundamental law. and besides established the Napoleonic Code. ( -Brainard. 1998-2008 ) ”Neapoleon was one of the greatest generals who of all time lived.

But at the terminal of the eighteenth century a self-educated slave with no military preparation drove napoleon out of Haiti and led his state to indepenence. The singular leader of this slave rebellion was Toussaint Breda ( subsequently called toussaint l’ouverture. and sometimes the ”black napoleon” ) . Slave rebellions from this clip usually ended in executings and failure. this clip was different. ” ( -Brainard. 1998-2008 ) . Toussaint become the leader of the slaves rebellion. He successfully fought the Gallic who were helped by yielding to yellow febrility in big Numberss every bit good as occupying Spanish and British ( who wanted to take down Napoleon for the decapitation of the male monarch and queen ) .

After the Gallic Revolution was in the custodies of Jacobins. who leaded the Reign of Terror. So Napoleon and L’Ouverture agree to footings of peace by giving them there indepenence. A few months subsequently l’ouverture was invited to come to a negociating meeting will full safe behavior. When he got at that place napoleon betrayed the safe behavior and arrested him. seting him on a ship. Napoleon ordered that l’ouverture be placed in a prison keep in the mountains. and murdered by agencies of cold. famishment. and neglect. L’ouverture died in prison. ( -Brainard. 1998-2008 ) but others carried on his battle and six months subsequently napoleon gave up his battle. This hits allowed the indepenence of Haiti.

In Africa. Europeons wanted the Cu. tusk. gold. and diamonds the Africans held in there mines. African’s used bondage as a portion of their mundane life. When the Europeans arrived overseas in Africa they were intrigued by this thought of bondage. They felt that the African people were used to the hot conditions and long and difficult working yearss. They thought of the inkinesss every bit inferior as good. They needed people to make their labour in the New World and were sent over in the African Slave Trade ( Corretti. 1500-1800 ) . Slavery had a different significance in the New World than it did in Europe. Peoples were considered movable in the New World. This means that one homo was the belongings of another homo.

The Europeans needed to happen people to maintain up with the labour on the plantations in the new universe ( Corretti. 1500-1800 ) . Europeons capitalists carved up the continents in order to guarantee their wealth. Many English. French. and Germans travelled to do Africans chistian. Europeons inslaved these Africans and spilt households apart. Africans opposition to the imperialism. Shaka Zulu led the Zulu people againist the Boers and Brithish. Brilliantly fought off military personnels for 30 old ages. In the terminal Britin control Southen Africa.

Yaa Asantewaa led the Asante Kingdom against the British in West Africa. Last conflict in series of 100 old ages of war between Asante and England. Menelik the 2nd led Ethiopia against Europeon settlers. Hired Europeons to learn them how to read and utilize Europeons arms. In 1896. Ethiopia smashed the Italians ; Ethiopia was ne’er colonized. ( -malone. 2012 ) Beside Ethiopia. the African Imperialism was a negitive civilization hit it had no effects on the universe in my eyes merely the europeon mading others do at that place durty work.

In decision. civilization hits privde to be both positive and negitive. Not one hits had one with out the other. Columbus didn’t decover a New World but brought others together. But so once more in his procedure of making so he mistreated sort people and about whiped out the native race. With the Haitian and Gallic Revolution Napoleon ketp the haitain in slaved when he came to power. In the African Imperialism they inslave most of Africa because of there industalition and necessitate difficult workers for small to no wage after the kid labour Torahs. Well without any of these hits we wouldn’t be populating in the sort of universe we do now.

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