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The following sample essay on health care in Africa. Everywhere that you will go in the world you will come across people that do not have access to adequate health care. The people that live in these situations are no better than you or I. They are being victimized for where they live and that is something that is just not acceptable. We must come up of a way to make sure everyone has access to good health care. In rural areas all over the world there is the least amount of health care.

There are major health organizations in the main cities but in the lesser-developed areas people can’t get the treatment that their bodies require.

These people are living with a lower quality of life and they can’t even help it. Africa is one place in the world where the people in rural areas have little to no health care. The people that live in those places have to travel great distances in order to get the treatment that they need and many people can’t make the journey.

If health care were offered in these areas the people would be a lot better off. The answer to these problems is actually quite simple.

Currently in South Africa there is a program called the Phelophepa Health Care Train that has treated more than 234,000 patients since it’s inception in 1994. Transnet’s Health Care Train consists of more than 15,000 kilometers of railway tracks which boxcars travel on to all the rural areas in South Africa.

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The main goal for this operation is that when the boxcar reaches a community they screen and give out health education for free to all individuals that wish to be there. They also give out meals to the people who cannot afford food for themselves.

If a person were in need of more serious medical assistance they would just hop aboard and get a ride on the train for free to the nearest hospital that could treat them. To date more than 4,000 people have volunteered to work on the train. The Health Care Train operates every week for 37 weeks a year and they are funded from local and international donors and funders! . If the plan presented above were to take affect in all of Africa then I’m sure that it would help to do a world of difference for the people living in rural areas.

These people would finally be getting the health care that they need and deserve. The quality of life in Africa would also go up and the people would be educated about health matters so the people will be less likely to get sick in the future. The rest of the world would benefit from this plan as well. People living in rural areas would have the health care available to them that they deserve. The quality of life would go up and the people would be further educated in health matters.

With the people’s increased knowledge in these matters they could prevent themselves from getting sick in the future. The Phelophepa Health Care Train is a good idea and if enacted all over the world would probably solve most health care problems. This plan has been tried and tested in South Africa for more than three years now and it has shown that a plan like this has been able to work wonders for people living in rural areas. This plan should be enacted at once all over the world because the quality of life would go up and we all know how important health is.

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