Essay About Cross Cultural Communication

The following sample essay on Essay About Cross Cultural Communication tells about Cooperating and Communicating Across Cultures Grandma University Abstract.

This study case covers many deferent aspects of cooperation and communication cross-cultural. In the situations between the Americans and the Germans. Case was an American working on a team, which was control by Germans and their ways of communicating and cooperation: in case it was a German working on a team, which was control by Americans and their ways of communicating and cooperation.

These situation has shown us how different cooperation and communication across ultra from an American perspective as well from a German perspective.

The perspectives of the following individuals introduced the differences between two cultures. In the beginning we are placed in the perspective of an American and his travel to Germany. From the very first meeting, the problems began. In the American’s perspective of the planning process, they should have Identified a set leader to facilitate or mediate the meeting.

By not having a set plan or agenda, this caused them not to be able to reach an agreement. In the German’s perspective of he planning process, they incorporated informality amongst the team members.

Such as the team leader being the moderator instead of the leader of the group. In the American’s perspective of working under a team leader, the team leader was not in control of the situation, and was acting as a member of the team and not a leader. Based on the American’s perspective, there was no delegation of roles or a team effort, the members individually focused on the objectives and not working as a team.

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From the America’s perspective, there was no team cohesiveness to accomplish heir objective, and there also was little communication exchanged amongst the team.

From the German’s perspective, all team members were working individually, and the moderator was going around asking questions to follow-up.

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Essay About Cross Cultural Communication
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