Cross-Cultural Servanthood Book Review

The book “Cross -Cultural Servanthood was written by Duane Elmer. The book begins with a short illustration from Elmer’s life that demonstrates the importance of how sensitive different cultures during ministry work. He tells stories of his own examples but also stories of other people who have ministered. This book is an important tool for those who are considering working and serving God in different cultures. It provides self-understanding on what it means to learn from other cultures and utilize the tools given.

Some people may think they are aware, understand but once they’re in a new culture it can be hard to remember why we are their and keep out hearts in the work we are performing. Elmer has made it simple by providing us with the tools in a 6-step process involving culture ministry or work.

The book is divided into three segments but there are only two important messages to the book. First part is to see the image of God through other people and the second part is show Christ to others by how we help them through our mission.

Romans 15:7 states, “Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.” Elmer explains in his book that people tend to be arrogant with power and judgmental when first faced with something different. First part in learning is understanding the “basic perspectives” of servant hood. Its learning acceptance through humility and being humble. Elmer states, “humility is a mandated attitude for all believers everywhere; however, the way humility is expressed takes on a cultural face.

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” Without humility we wouldn’t understand to be humble to others and serve effectively. That what this book is about so it helps us become better servants through Gods eyes so we can help others with out culture, beliefs and our opinions getting in the way.

Elmer in the next part of his book explains “the process of becoming a cross-cultural servant.” In this part he outlines the 6 steps to help us in the process. These steps are Openness, welcoming people with an open mind to allow them to feel safe. Acceptance, knowing someone worth and not judging them. Trust helps make the relationship more solid with a strong foundation. Learning is gaining knowledge to help serve the people sufficiently. Understanding, is empathizing with people’s thoughts and feelings. Finally, after taking everything we have learned we can now serve for the greater good. We must be open to accept while trusting what we learn to understand and serve those through our mission.

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Cross-Cultural Servanthood Book Review
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