Critical Inquiry Nursing

Essay Example on Critical Inquiry Nursing

Question 1- Harmonizing to Kerr et Al ( 2012 ) . the intent of the survey is to analyze the nurses’ sentiments on the debut of a medical administrative to the enrolled nurses and its impact in the mistake rate of medicine.

Essay Example on Critical Inquiry Nursing

Question 2- The author’s principle was to:

-To examine nurses’ sentiments on enrolled medical disposal

-To analyze whether the enrolled nurses debut effects of the medicine mistake in organisations.

Question 3- Quantitative. experimental. Question 4-The sample used was the different types of nurses who answered inquiries online at the web site of the organisation. The selected batch replies specific inquiries in a questionnaire related to the subject of treatment.

Question 5-a ) Descriptive B ) InferentialQuestion 6-Education

Question 7-Demographic informations

– Response to nurses’ study points

– Ratess of medicine errors- Collected within 12 months

Question 8- Survey inquiry sing support for disposal of medicines by qualified ENs

RN SupportiveIn % RN Non-SupportiveIn % Statistically Significant?

73. 8 % . 26. 2 % Yes / No

Survey inquiry mensurating positive alteration

EN SupportiveIn nEN non-supportiveIn nStatistically Significant?

73. 626. 4Yes / No

Survey inquiry sing the degree of instruction for ENs who administer medicines

ENME SupportiveIn % ENME Non-SupportiveIn % Statistically Significant?

73. 726. 3 % Yes / No

Question 9- Population 118. 268-256. 302

Question 10- It is true to state that A important consequence ( p=0. 265. P & lt ; 0. 05 ) occurred when topics were surveyed whether the disposal of medicine by ENMEs had resulted in a positive alteration.

Question 11- The participants entered the research in a voluntary footing. The positions of the nonparticipants were non considered and merely left the writers thinking on their positions.

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This is a chief challenge as no conclusive study that is included would be written. Second. the figure of ENME was higher than that of the RN. This may be due to miss of hiring in some countries which causes an instability in the last study.

Question 12- The rate of medicine mistakes does non alter in any important manner when ENMEs are used to administrate medicines. The mistakes are nevertheless being considered preventable.


Kerr. D. . Lu. S. . Mill. D. . & A ; Mckinlay. L. ( 2012 ) . Medication Administration by Enrolled Nurses: Opinions of Nurses in an Australian Healthcare Organization. Nursing Forum. 47 ( 4 ) . 203-209. doi:10. 1111/j. 1744-6198. 2012. 00281. ten

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Essay Example on Critical Inquiry Nursing

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