Criminals Are Born Not Made Theory

Crime is an event which is harmful for people and it is the state opposition. According to Wilkins v. U. S “A crime is an act committed or omitted, in violation of a public law, either forbidding or commanding it; a breach or violation of some public right or duty due to a whole community, considered as a community. In its social aggregate capacity, as distinguished from a civil injury. ” (Anon. , n. d. ) On the other hand, Criminal is defined as someone who has occurs a crime.

Different Psychologists has different opinions about why people occurs crime.

Overview of the topic There are two main reasons why people commit crimes one is genetically and other is inspired by people. There are many kinds of criminals around us. Some of them are genetically and some of people made. There are huge number of criminals who are create criminal activities by inspired people. One the other hand, there are a few number of people who is generate genetically.

Some children can be genetically criminal if his/her own generations any person is criminal. On the other hand, many children is criminal for their environment.

A man isn’t just as a criminal back to it many reason. Some contrasting views of the topic There are many researchers who gave many different opinions about this topic. But all of them did not gave same opinions. Some researchers said that criminals are not born also made. If a children combine a bad friend or bad people they may be bad.

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There is a proverb that” Floats laden with iron”. A man can be criminal for his bad company. In addition, socializing, environment, unemployment, family condition, poverty, political system, Law enforcement are also responsible for occur a crime.

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At some point, a child born in an educated family, he is innocent at his childhood. But gradually when he combines with bad people or involve with politics then he start petty crime and at last he become a fulfill criminal. Farrington & West (1990) found a link between unemployment, poverty and crime; and the most persistent offenders had not had a stable job (Anon. , n. d. ). In our world many criminal but all of them are not made by gene. For this mainly responsible their nature and environment. When a criminal born he is innocent but day by day his environment bound him for crime.

One the other hand, researchers have claimed that some people may be born with genes that makes them inherently violent. A human body contains many kind of genes. Some of them are maintain for his/her behaviors. Mainly two kind of gene is responsible for children violence. One is variant of cadherin 13 (CDH13), which is involved in neural connectivity, and has been linked to impulse control in extremely violent offenders. Other is monoamine oxidase A (MAOA) that contributes to less recycling of the neurotransmitter, dopamine. (Anon. 2014)

Mednick (1987) and Bohman (1995) looked at court convictions and criminal records of 14,000 people and their biological and adoptive parents. Professor Jari Tiihonen and colleagues at the Institute analyzed the genes of 895 Finnish people found guilty of criminal behavior, organizing them by the crimes they have committed. (Anon. , 2014) Some examples which may support the contrasting views you include There are many criminal born in the world at different time. But all of them are not criminal for their gene. They became a criminal by someone or social condition.

Kala Jahangir was a notorious Bangladeshi crime boss. According to the police reports, he came from an educated family. Both his father and mother have been teachers. He was quite well known as a meritorious student in his childhood. But in his college life he went prison. After realizing the prison he became dangerous people and involve to politics. Then some political leader inspired him and he early transferred a fulfill criminal. There are many people like Kala Jahangir who were come from respective family but when he socialize with bad companion they become a criminal (Anon. 2012).

One the other hand, Gino and Mark Stocco are father and son. Both of them are criminal. Police have indicated they are likely to charge the father-and-son fugitives with attempted murder after they fired on two police vehicles. Since they are father and son so their crime responsible is their gene (Anon. , n. d. ). Personal view of the topic Many researchers and psychologists gave different opinions different time about criminals are born but not made. Some of them are said on behalf of it and some of them said it’s against.

But my opinions is criminal are not made. Most of the criminal are not made by gene. They become a criminal for their environmental problem. So I think criminals are made not born. Conclusion A child learn that what happened in her around. If his generation is criminal then maybe he will be a criminal. One the other hand, if anybody socialize bad company then he can be a criminal. A criminal is a bad man but he is a human. We should not leave them. We should give their proper environment.

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