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* Human nature is The general psychological features. feelings. and behavioral traits of world. regarded as shared by all worlds. * Crash directed by Paul Haggis nowadayss to us an entwining narrative set within the streets of LA. confirming and disputing racial stereotypes and at the same clip reflecting the of all time bing good and dark side of human nature.

* Human nature drives us all to see “the other” as bad. immorality and untrusty. it is complex and every adult male. despite differences holds the implicit in values buried deep into our subconsciousness * In the movie clang. Haggis has successfully portrayed the truth about human nature through the conventions of duologue. camera shooting and symbolism. confounding us as viewing audiences. but besides giving us an intruging penetration into the world of each and every one of us despite differences in race and background.

* Haggis has successfully evoked feelings of edginess. confusion. choler and empathy at through the devising of the movie clang.

What Is Human Nature Essay

* Human nature drives us to fear the unknown. the “other” in our eyes is seen as evil and that we should maneuver away from any communicating. It may be in relation to race. ethnicity. age. gender or beliefs but in world each one of us does non hold the ability to contend this automatic favoritism against those who are different.

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* Haggis has successfully reflected this dark facet of human nature through the convention of duologue. * In one scene a Iranian adult male is trying to buy a gun from a white American.

The salesman calls the adult male “osama” and so continues to speak about 9/11. he so is sharply told to go forth the store. * The white American adult male displays his fright of “the other” by racially know aparting him through his duologue. he has his ain racialist. stereotyped image of this adult male in his head automatically associating him to 9/11 and due to his human nature sees him as “the other” and as untrusty to be in his store stating him he “has no right to purchase a gun here” * In another scene a Latino locksmith is altering a white American twosomes locks on their door after their auto had been hijacked.

The American adult female makes premises that this locksmith is traveling to sell their key to his “homies” strictly because of the manner he looks and his race and demands to acquire her locks changed once more in the forenoon. * The American adult female views the locksmith as “the other” and due to her human nature she fears him. and does non swear him to be in her house. Her opinion is non on personality or single traits it is based upon the automatic premises she makes about him due to his tattoos. frock sense and clamber coloring material.

Small does she cognize that the Hispanic locksmith was in many eyes the lone character in clang seen as wholly guiltless. but due to her ignorance she believed the antonym. * Through duologue Haggis has successfully positioned the spectator to experience choler at both of these scenarios and causes us to oppugn our ain human nature and our ain categorization of “the other” . We are positioned to experience guilt as we feel partially responsible for these racial stereotypes as we excessively. through our human nature. instinctively stick to our ain.

* Human nature is complex. values at polar antonyms could exsist in the same adult male. peculiar beliefs could be compromised and in world no 1 can of all time genuinely understand the extent of complexnesss embedded within each individual. * Racsim and aristocracy can exsist in the same adult male. Haggis has successfully portrayed this thought of human nature through the narrative conventions of camera shooting and duologue. * In one scene a bull pulls over a black twosome. he abuses his power and shows utmost racism seen through the convention of low camera angle while he molests her.

* In another scene the same bull shows aristocracy while is seen delivering the same black adult female he molested. he ironically says things to her such as “im non traveling to ache you” * The camera angle in the first scene is a panning low angle exposing the constabulary officers manus stroking up the adult females leg. stressing his disgusting racialist actions. In the 2nd scene the camera angle is a close camera angle concentrating on his contrite distressing facial look.

The shooting of the manus in the first scene could stand for “a adult males hand” where the shooting of his face in the 2nd scene presents him. and hence suggests that although his racism and dark side of his human nature exsists the good side of his human nature is a representation of his true individuality and we begin to oppugn the grounds behind his actions. * These two scenes In the film clang show to us that worlds are highly complex.

A adult male can populate a life full of wickedness but so perpetrate a baronial act merely as a adult male can be a condemnable but so salvage a life. * The construct of human complexnesss is difficult to hold on. an persons individuality can find why they act a certain manner or do certain things. The bull in the movie displayed racism due to the fact that a black adult female would non assist his ill male parent. but does this alibi peculiar values and behaviors? * Through the convention of camera angle Haggis has efficaciously positioned the spectator to experience both disgust and awe at the same adult male.

We begin to oppugn what drives worlds to be so complex and we wonder whether it is of all time possible for a adult male to be seen as wholly guiltless. * Instinctively human natures drives us to protect and lodge to our ain. merely as we repel those who are seen as different. * This cosmopolitan value embedded inside each and every homo is represented by Paul Haggis in the movie clang through utlising the narrative convention of symbolism. * Crash follows the narrative of a Latino locksmith and unconditioned love of his.

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