The following sample essay on Contrast In Visual Arts deals with forms of art.

Drawing and photography are two similar yet different forms of art. Both compelling in their own respects, both unique in intricate ways. Yet sometimes controversial, even in everyday life. Two simple forms of art that are easily accessible. For example, every time a kid goes to a restaurant they give him or her a pack of crayons with a piece of paper to “draw”. I know as a small child whenever my family would go on vacation I would always buy a few of those disposable cameras to take photos of the trip.

These forms are two common yet beautiful forms of art.

Drawing is pretty much anything that leaves a mark behind a movement. There are two commonly used forms of drawing, dry media and liquid media. According to our Getlein text on pg. 146, dry media is described as “As the stick is dragged over a suitably abrasive surface, it leaves particles of its self behind.

”. With liquid media being art in pigments that are in a liquid based substance. Drawings are produced mainly for the expression of one’s self in a way that may not usually be comfortable. It helps let us get to know the real side of people. They also may tell a story with-in themselves. For example, an artist could draw an event that happened and add little subtle details to give us their point of view. Drawings have had positive and negative effects on the society.

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On the positive side, there have been so many drawings that have captured the true beauty of an object. Negativity in drawing has gone way back and still exists. There were drawings of Jews during the Holocaust that created crude stereotypes that still stick with Jewish people today. Overall I believe that drawing is a thing that has impacted our society in a positive way.

Photography is the method of recording the image of an object through the action of light, or related radiation, on a light-sensitive material (Britannica). The process of photography produces a photo, photo being from the Greek word …

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