Lord Of The Flies Simon Death

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Simon’s Death, Lord Of The Flies

In this passage that I analyzed, it’s right before Simon gets killed. The other guys on the island killed Simon and it was a truly brutal murder. They attacked Simon like a hunter attacking his prey; it was as if the boys were all animals. This passage actually shows how the boys changed towards the end of the book and it shows the effects of the island on the boys. The island has turned the boys into monsters.

William Golding believed that human beings were born evil and the lack of rules just let them show their true selves, I don’t believe this, I believe that people are raised evil and especially childhood traumas can effect the future of the person. If a child was abused and didn’t have a loving family as a child they might unconsciously act the same way towards their children or people surrounding them. The children on the island had no boundaries, they did whatever they pleased, they didn’t have a stable lifestyle with people taking care of them and giving them food and a safe place to sleep in.

On the island the boys had to do everything themselves, they had to build homes, a fire, and they had to hunt for food. These children were very young and the hunting must have seemed extremely cool to them and they must have loved the feeling that comes with killing another living thing because most of them did not even feel a tiny amount of guilt when they killed Simon, this is very upsetting.

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Who Killed Simon In The Lord Of The Flies

Commentary on Lord Of The Flies – Simon’s Death Commentary on Lord Of The Flies – Simon’s Death Commentary on Lord Of The Flies – Simon’s Death

Simon was the representation of peace and spirituality in the book, after Simon’s death the boys lost the last bit of serenity they had amongst them and caused chaos all over the island, in the end they lit the island on fire and it was the representation of war. The boys murdered Simon in a brutal way while singing and dancing by the campfire. The boys have changed so much throughout the course of the book. The boys started off as innocent scared boys and turned into brave, psychotic murderers.

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Lord Of The Flies Simon Death
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