Chemistry Short Answer Questions

This essay sample on Chemistry Short Answer Questions provides all necessary basic info on this matter, including the most common “for and against” arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay.

Part I Multiple choice or short answer questions 1) (2 points) Identify a solid a. Definite volume and no definite shape b. no definite volume and no definite shape c. definite volume and definite shape 2) (2 points) A substance composed of two or a. A solution.

proportion is b. A heterogeneous mixture. c. An alloy. d.

A homogeneous mixture. e. A compound. more elements in a fixed, definite 3) (2 points) Read the water level with the correct number of significant figures. a.

5. 32 mL b. 5. 3 mL c. 5.

What Is Atom Short Answer

320 mL d. 5 mL e. 5. 200 mL 4) (2 points)When 2 elements form 2 different compounds, the masses of element B hat combine with lg of element A can be expressed as a ratio of small whole numbers. Which law does this refer to? a.

Law of Definite Proportions b. Law of Modern Atomic Theory c. Law of Multiple Proportions d. First Law of Thermodynamics e. Law of the Conservation of Mass 5) (2 points) The mass number is equal to a.

a. The sum of the number of protons and neutrons a. b. The sum of the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons. a.

c. The sum of the number of the neutrons and electrons. a. d. The sum of the number of the electrons and protons.

) (3 points) Determine the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons in: C ) (3 points) Write the name and the symbol of the element with the following number of protons: 35.

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Moreover, indicate whether the element is a metal or a nonmental 9) (3 points) Write the name and the symbol of the element with the following number element is of ionic 20. Moreover, indicate whether protons: metal or non–metal. 10) (6 points) C14 PbF2 Identify and molecular compounds. Fes N20 Na20 1 1) (4 points) Write formula and the compound that forms between magnesium 12) (4 points) Write the formula name of and sulfur.

PF 3 compound that forms between barium and oxygen. 13) (4 points) Name ts formula mass places): Sn12 14) (4 points) Name the following ionic compound (Express your using answer and two calculate decimal following ionic your using two containing polyatomic ion (Express places): CuN02 places): 05F2 (Express places): 16) (4 points) Calculate the formula 17) (2 points) The molecular formula of glucose PB? C6H1206: the mass in grams of three moles of glucose using two decimal 18) (2 points) Glutamate an excitatory neurotransmitter. an Its C5H9N04. alculate how many amino acid that functions molecular formula is: moles are in 1. 00 mg as glutamate (Express your using three significant gures): whether each 19) (4 points) Determine the following compounds is soluble insoluble.

solution. For soluble compounds ions Agl coc03 K3P04 Part II credit) Problem 1 . recommends present in Problems (10 points) that (Note: must show The American work Dental adult female should consume fluoride per day to prevent tooth decay. If consumed as sodium fluoride, what amount of get Association 3. 0 mg of fluoride sodium fluoride? s due carbon, 4.

30 g Problem 2. (10 points) The foul odor rancid butter largely to butyric acid, hydrogen, oxygen. sample butyric acid Combustion analysis of produced 8. 9 C02 g and 3. 52 the empirical formula of H20.

Determine butyric acid. Problem 3. (10 points) Balance the following chemical equation: C02S3 (S) Problem 4. Consider the following NH4N03 (aq) A1 reaction: 2 C12 (g) -+ 2 available reactants are: 2. 0 g Indicate the limiting reagent yield of product (in grams).

reaction and obtains total AIC13 A (s). The initial amounts of A1 and 2. g of C12. calculate the theoretical chemist conducts the 0. 015 mol of AIC13 Calculate the actual yield percent yield.

Problem 5. reaction: Li2S (aq) + (aq) -+ (s). What volume of 0. 0700 M Li2S to completely react with 20 ml of (in grams) and the Consider 2 cos solution is required 0. 140 M Problem 6.

molecular equation for the (10 points) Write a precipitation reaction any) solutions chromium (Ill) nitrate when two occurs sodium phosphate mixed. are Chem–110–7–8–9 Fall 2013 First class exam. Multiple choice or short 1) (2 points) Identify a a. i. a.

efinite volume volume and no definite definite shape 2) (2 points) A substance gas questions no definite shape a. i. b. no volume a. i.

c. definite be can’t a. i. a. an definite broken down into simpler substances is chemically element.

a. i. b. a a. i.

c. an a. . d. a homogeneous mixture. electron.

heterogeneous mixture. 3) (2 points) answer to a. a. one a. b.

two a. c. three a. d. four 4) (2 points) In created or of Modern How significant problem? figures (2.

224 x are there 5. 400) + 0. 830 reaction, matter destroyed. Which Atomic Theory law does this a. b.

First a. c. Law a. d. Law a.

. Law Law of Thermodynamics the Conservation Definite Proportions Multiple Proportions The atomic number neither refer a. a. the a. a. Law 5) (2 points) of protons.

Mass equal to a. b. the number of neutrons. a. c.

the number of electrons. the number a. d. the sum sum lectrons. 6) (3 points) electrons 7) (3 points) 8) Write the and neutrons.

a. e. protons the number of the protons, neutrons and Determine symbol protons, neutrons name the element 9) Write the name 8. the symbol protons: 50. Moreover, indicate Moreover, indicate with whether CH4 NF3 points) Naci Fec12 molecular compounds.

nd the name of Mg3P2 Write the formula compound that forms between strontium and bromine. compound that forms between beryllium and chlorine. places): cr2S3 1 5) (4 points) Write the following molecular compound decimal places): SC14 16) (4 points) Write the name decimal places): P4S5 nd calculate the formula of mass 18) (2 points) The molecular formula nonsteroidal anti–inflammatory drug aspirin. ibuprofen, (NSAID), C13H1802. A contains 200 mg of ibuprofen.

Calculate how moles ibuprofen are in 2 pills figures): NaOH MgS04 PbC12 MgC03 calcium 2. carbonate contain the entire amount of calcium recommended for daily intake. recommended daily intake of calcium in Please calculate points) The fragrance geraniol an organic containing carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Combustion analysis (10 175 mg sample of geraniol produced 499 mg C02 the empirical formula of geraniol. 184 mg H20.

Determine 10 points) Balance the following chemical equation: KOH (aq) + Fec13 (aq) -+ (s) + KCI (aq) Problem 4. (10 points) Ammonia (NH3) gas combines with hydrochloric acid gas (HCI), forming solid ammonium chloride (NH4Cl). ) balanced chemical equation for the reaction. te a reaction mixture of 3. 0 g and 5.

0 g HCI, identify NH3 limiting reactant and theoretical yield of NH4Cl from the reaction mixture (in excess reactant. c) t is grams) that could be obtained part b? d) much of used to according (10 points) Calcium hydroxide can be remove phosphate from drinking–water supplies the following precipitation reaction: P043– (aq) -+ (s) + What (aq). (in ml) of 0. 5 M solution is mg/l of equation required to purify 10 1 of water containing 20 P043–? or the molecular precipitation reaction that occurs when Chem Part of sodium chloride and are Multiple 2013. Second choice or test.

Give the complete ionic practice copper cu2+(aq) + LiN03(S) a. b. when aqueous solutions of lithium sulfide nitrate are mixed. a. a.

2 Li+(aq) + S2–(aq) N03–(aq) -+ cu2+(aq) + 2 Li+(aq) + Cu+(aq) Li+(aq) + Cu 2+(aq) + N03–(aq) a. c. Li+(aq) N03–(aq) -+ cus(S) + Li+(aq) N03–(aq) S042– N03– a. d. Li+(aq) + (aq) 2) (2 points) Which of he following is reaction? a.

a. 2 H2(g) + 02(g) -+ 2 a. b. NH4Cl(aq) + KOH(aq) KCl(aq) gas–evolution H20(g) H20(l).

Atom Essay Sample

Chemistry: Atom and Short Answer Questions Chemistry: Atom and Short Answer Questions Chemistry: Atom and Short Answer Questions

N H3(g) + cus(S) a. c. LiCl(aq) + NaN03(aq) + 7 02(g) 4 3) (2 points) Determine a. –3 a. b.

+2 a. c. +3 a. d. +6 4) (2 points) Determine a.

b. +2 a. d. +4 6 oxidation NaCl(aq). H20(g).

state p N C2H6(l) P033–. N02. 5) (3 points) Which a. b. C a.

c. H element(s) is(are) undergoing (Check all that apply) CH4(g) H20(g) a. a. O 02(g) the oxidizing 6) (3 points) Determine reaction. (Check all that apply) Ni(s) agent(s) will a a.

b. Cl a. c. Ni a. d.

O 7) (4 points) occupy a volume ) (4 points) that occupy syringe hold 9) (4 points) 2 Ag(S) What volume a. a.

Ag (in mL) syringe Agc104(aq) F2 at 5. 5 atm, 1. 2 atm? has of 25. 0 A syringe 750. 0 rnL.

0. 35 mL contains 0. 65 moles of Ne initially holds moles of He of gas L) will with a 285 added? and 1. 88 atm. mL at 355 to have a K To what temperature (in K) heated/cooled in order 2.

50 atrn? the syringe of 435 mL 10) (4 points) 13. 0 STP. tank g) atm density N02 385 K? contained 4. 58 13) (2 0. 640 moles He the pressure Of atm) pressure q 2.

95 Which of following signs on represent as well as a. b. q 14) (4 points) against work (in J) L x atm) 15) (4 points) 4. 8 J/g–K? system that is doing work on and w surroundings, losing heat balloon an external done The specific to the surroundings? inflated from 0. 0100 pressure of 10.

00 atm. Joules? (Remember that capacity of liquid L to 101 . 3 water 0. 400 much heat Joules 5. 00 are needed to raise the temperature 65.

30C? of water from 25. 1 oc to 16) (4 light 6. 88 per 5. 49 points) Calculate emitted by a 1014 Hz photon, Hz. wavelength (in lamp with the green per photon, 525 nm.

the blue frequency mercury the energy the energy, wavelength emitted, of electromagnetic radiation

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