Tomorrow when the war began analysis

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Homer Yanks is best friends with Elli, who is the protagonist in ‘Tomorrow when the war began. ‘ Written by John Marksmen. The novel was published in 1993 and the genre Is young adult action. Seven teenagers decide to go camping during the school holidays, determined to be more independent. Suddenly when their homeland is invaded, Homer is forced to grow up a little earlier that intended. Leaving the irresponsible Joker as the reliable leader. As everything around them changes, Homer ill gulled his friends to safety In the depths of ‘Hell’.

Having an older brother, Homer often had to fight for his attention and continues to do so. Getting it by playing practical jokes and committing petit crimes gives Homer his rebellious and mischievous attitude. He has lived on a farm his whole life so he has gained many useful skills, such as planting food and raising livestock. Which become very valuable during the war. Homer has a rather domineering personality and doesn’t get along with strong-willed characters, even Elli sometimes.

Homer Is Introduced to the novel when Elli Invites him to the camping trip to ‘Hell’.

You instantly recognizes the brotherly bond they share as they are more relaxed around each other and constantly compete “Homer and I had spent all our free time together when we were little, and we were still close… ” Elli on page 16. Homer is all about Individualism and Is quick to voice his opinions. He tends to act before he thinks as well and doesn’t consider the consequences as displayed In his latest escapade before the camp “He’d Just been caught pouring a line of solvent across the dad and lighting it from his hiding place when a car got closeћ.

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Elli on page 13. Homer may seem confident but he Is actually quite insecure, establishing a false reputation as a disrespectful and Insensitive ‘guys guy’ to gain popularity and fit In. When they return to discover the war, Homer deals with the shock by trying to find answers and thinking rationally, he doesn’t like being out of his comfort zone. He Is the most resilient In the group as he Immediately tried to find solutions whilst everyone was still panicking. Everyone calm down,’ Homer interrupted. ‘ Stay calm ,or we’ll get nowhereћ. Homer on page 67. Homer insists they retreat back to ‘Hell’ as he tries to gain some control, He and Elli are instantaneously the leaders of the groups as they are the most resolute. When things become more detrimental Homer starts to discards the stereotype he has hidden behind and begins to shows his real colors. It takes a lot to crack his shell but the blow comes from the least expected; Ft. She gets round his defenses as re and Homer become more Involved “It seems so funny that he’s Like that with me when he’s so confident with everyone else’… . If page 213. Elli is stunned that she 1 OFF Ana let Homer track near Tort years tout won en really Is. He astonishes everyone with his level headed approach, though his rebellious streak is still there, as a wildness he uses to out think and surprise the enemy. The teens decide to fight back against the antagonists, becoming a guerrilla group, using ‘hit and run’ tactics often planned by Homer. The schemes are so wild however are quite impel to carry out, using everyday objects Just like Homer used in his practical Jokes.

Tomorrow When The War Began Character Summaries

Making his previous experience in Jokes particular useful. Homer however becomes more mature throughout the book, not wanting to put his friends at risk, he begins to take things more seriously. “That was Homer’s genius. He combined action with thought, and he planned ahead. ” Elli on page 111. I believe for the duration of the other books Homer’s character will continue to have his classic troublemaker twist however he will also become more responsible and eke less unnecessary risks.

His domineering personality is likely to present problems thou, living in such close quarters with the others for a long time. His relationship with If is set for a bumpy ride as Homer hasn’t had much experience with romance, neither has If and she is quite delicate. Nevertheless Homer is the glue holding his team together, but as tensions grow he must be careful not to break it apart at the same time. Homer’s spirit will never dwindle even if he is pushed to his limits he will continue to follow his instincts and more importantly his heart.

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