Limited Liability Statement Airasia

The company selected for this concern proposal is AirAsia Berhad ( afterlife referred as AirAsia ) and both the concern and fiscal public presentation of AirAsia would be analysed from 1st January 2009 to 31st December 2011. “The company was incorporated in 2001. as a private limited liability company both incorporated and domiciled in Malaysia. AirAsia was converted into a public limited liability company on 8th June 2004 and became listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 22 November 2004. The chief activity of AirAsia is supplying Air Transportation Services” .

The vision of AirAsia has been “to be the largest low cost air hose in Asia and functioning the 3 billion people who are presently underserved with hapless connectivity and high fares” .

Limited Liability Statement Airasia

AirAsia’s mission is to make a globally recognized trade name in the ASEAN ( Association of Southeast Asian Nations ) and sustain profitableness growing with the highest quality services and technological promotions. The doctrine of AirAsia is to do winging possible for everyone.

Since 2001. AirAsia had fleetly broken travel norms across the Earth. where it is a taking low-cost bearer that does non necessitate farther debut in ASEAN. With the tagline “Now everyone can fly” . AirAsia ferried 135 million invitees as at 31 December 2011. Furthermore during the past decennary AirAsia established successful ventures with Thai AirAsia. Indonesia AirAsia. AirAsia Philippines. AirAsia Japan and AirAsia X ( chiefly focused on long-haul section ) . leting AirAsia to take low-priced winging to a farther degree with a path web that spans over 20 states. Reasons for making this concern proposal Prior cognition

The chief ground for choosing this subject is to use anterior cognition obtained from the concern and fiscal faculties antecedently covered in the ACCA course of study.

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Furthermore. fiscal analysis is important in construing consequences disclosed in the fiscal statements. Availability of information

Besides handiness of one-year studies and other concern beginnings provided me with equal information to analyze the public presentation of AirAsia that farther encouraged in taking this subject. The one-year studies were readily available from the company web site and no clip was wasted on extraction of it. Reasons for taking AirAsiaExtensive growing of AirAsiaIn January 2002. AirAsia had merely two aeroplanes that had been winging to six finishs within Malaysia. During the past decennary AirAsia had significantly expanded to wing over 80 finishs with a fleet of 97 aircrafts as at 31 December 2011. Hence I was motivated to happen out how AirAsia managed to accomplish successful growing and a healthy underside line. Famous in South East Asia ( SEA )

AirAsia is one of the largest and most popular low cost air hoses in SEA. which had facilitated going at low-cost monetary values ; which is the chief ground behind riders preferring AirAsia for both domestic and international flights. Furthermore the finishs flown by AirAsia screens more hubs compared to other air hoses and riders are presented with bundled travel bundle options. which include air ticket. hotel adjustment. travel services. In add-on. AirAsia was chosen as the “World’s Best Low-Cost Airline” awarded by Skytrax World Airline for four back-to-back old ages ( from twelvemonth 2009 to 2012 ) . Furthermore. in the twelvemonth 2009 and 2011. AirAsia was awarded with “Best Asiatic Low-Cost Carrier” award by TTG Travel Awards. Undertaking aims and research questionsProject objectives To analyze and measure the fiscal public presentation of AirAsia over a 3 twelvemonth period by comparing its public presentation against Tiger Airways Holdings Limited utilizing relevant fiscal ratios. To analyze and measure the concern public presentation of AirAsia over a 3 twelvemonth period utilizing the staying three positions of the Balance Scorecard technique To measure. with grounds whether AirAsia is a worthwhile investing chance Research questionsHow did AirAsia financially perform in comparing with its rival Tiger Airways?

How does AirAsia’s fiscal public presentation impact on its stockholders? How was AirAsia’s concern public presentation within the 3 old ages? How does AirAsia manage to prolong its ‘no-frills’ scheme and place amidst the increasing competition? Beginnings of informationPrimary informations sourcesPrimary informations refers to new informations collected by a research worker associating to the issues of the survey. The methods used to roll up primary informations involve questionnaires. observations. studies and interviews. The research worker who collects the information is referred as primary user ( s ) . Primary informations would non be used in this undertaking as it is clip devouring to roll up such informations and several information is readily available. Therefore information available from secondary beginnings will be used to run into the undertaking aims and research inquiries defined earlier. Secondary informations sourcesSecondary informations refers to informations gathered by person else and already used for their ( primary users’ ) intent. The individual set abouting the research is referred as the secondary user. who would set about desk or library research for the said undertaking. The chief beginnings of secondary informations used for undertaking are:

TextbooksTextbooks were used as the chief beginning of information as they were complied by people who have vast cognition in the capable country and be given to be more dependable and accurate compared to other beginnings. The chief types of text editions referred in this undertaking for fiscal analysis are ACCA BPP survey stuffs and academic mention books such as “Accounting Principles” by Weygandt. Kimmel and Kieso and “Financial and managerial accounting” by Horngren. Harrison and Oliver. To analyze the company’s concern public presentation. “Alignment: utilizing the balanced scorecard to make corporation synergies” by Kaplan. Roberts and Norton had been referred to. Electronic beginnings

E-sources were used due to convenience and effectiveness. The chief e-source used was AirAsia’s web site to abstract the one-year studies and all information sing the company. Additionally. Internet had been used for farther reading to heighten academic cognition and obtain relevant newspaper articles and other information about the company.

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Limited Liability Statement Airasia
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