Airasia Pestel Analysis

This essay sample essay on Airasia Pestel Analysis offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion are provided below.

1.0 Executive sum-up

The current state of affairs of Air market is non steady and could fulfill demands of clients, more and more negative intelligence appear to demo depression of AirAsia. AirAsia is a Malaysian-based company which owns air hoses in Asia with low cost and supply 400 flight lines over 25 states, the AirAsia was foremost founded in 1993 and operated in 1998 ( Sen & A ; Ng, 2008 ) .

With about 20-year history, AirAsia could be regarded as the most successful company in Asia.

Brief analysis of AirAsia will be given in the study and farther information will be provided to farther support aid for readers to cognize about AirAsia.

2.0 Introduction

The air market is fighting at present, more rivals are involved in the conflict and the competency seems intense than of all time before, higher monetary value of energy and lower monetary value of flights drive most of aeroplane companies loss net income and cut down gross ( Kernchen, 2007 ) .

Airline market in Europe, America particularly in Asia is developing in opposite way, with effects of fiscal crisis, less clients go out to go by plane ; economic system is besides influenced by crisis which drives less business communities travel on board to put by plane ( Shaw, 2011 ) . The air hose companies around universe are all affected by crisis, diminish the gross. At the same clip, the velocity of development of engineering is beyond imaginativeness of people, most air hose companies purchase new planes from states expert in mensurating planes such as America, China and Russia, which increase cost and do more hard to equilibrate finance.

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The aim of the study is to provide information of AirAsia for readers and help them to better understand the factors impacting AirAsia in the hereafter, possible menaces AirAsia will confront with. The study will province an analysis of AirAsia with PESTEL method, from assorted facets to demo the cardinal external factors affect the development of AirAsia. Then the 2nd portion will discourse how the Market Liberalization in the Asia-Pacific assisted AirAsia ‘ growing in the part. The 3rd portion of study will implement informations to demo a SWOT analysis of AirAsia and Porter ‘s five forces to farther supply information of AirAsia. With SWOT analysis and Porter ‘s five forces, possible challenges will be given which AirAsia will confront in the hereafter. Finally a decision will be referred to.

3.0 External factors affect AirAsia

Swot Analysis Of Air Asia

Many factors will impact the development of an industry, which could easy divided into external and internal factors. To drive organisations come on better in the mutable universe, to analyse and cognize what possible factors will impact organisations is indispensable. Ageless factors are easy to manage and organisations could fix in progress before jobs appear, particularly for states in Asia, most states are at developing groups, external factors such as political relations, economic system or climes will impact organisations ‘ development in long-run ( Kohama, 2003 ) . Airline industry is easy affected by those external factors, so the undermentioned content will give a PESTEL analysis to assist readers cognize what will impact AirAsia.

3.1 PESTEL analysis

PESTEL analysis is used by directors as one of the most indispensable models to analyze the external factors that affect development of organisations, PESTEL stands for ‘Political, economic, societal, technological, environmental and legal ‘ ( William & A ; Green, 1997 ) . The undermentioned content will concentrate on state of affairs in Asia in the position of PESTEL analysis.

Political factors: Asia is a assorted part compared with other countries, there are assorted states with different authorities systems, besides, Asia has a long history, nevertheless, most Asiatic seem to hold the similar cultural backgrounds, the policies each state clasp are wholly different, and the independency motions are continues late ( Zhang, 2003 ) . AirAsia owns many subordinates in many Asiatic states, since cold war, with intense relationship between China and Japan, Taiwan, continues struggle between South Korea and North Korea, the flights of AirAsia are affected by these political factors, the relationships among Asiatic states are hard to fortell and the political relations in each state seem unsteady ( Yahuda,2005 ) .

Economic factors: The economic growing in Asia increased faster since 1945, particularly China and Japan, with independent and off from wars, these two states develop beyond imaginativeness. However, influenced by fiscal crisis, most Asiatic states are fighting economic depression, the rising prices rate rise, exchange rates change daily ( Adams, 2006 ) . All these unsteady factors drive less export and less people spend money on touristry which straight affects the gross of AirAsia. The net income diminution with less clients and less export for AirAsia.

Social factors: In Asia, touristry is non thought approximately every bit usual as Europeans, which means, under the effects of cultural background, Asians spend less money on touristry. However, Asians are sensitive to alter of monetary value, particularly when they desire to travel out by plane, lower monetary value will pull them, AirAsia holds the advantages of lower monetary value. With more subdivisions set up in Asiatic states, AirAsia will appeal more Asiatic clients. The population in Asia addition fast, mutable population in Asia thrust more immature people change locations to populate, China and India, these two biggest states in Asia means alteration of demand for AirAsia ( Sanderson & A ; Tan, 1995 )

Technological factors: Technology plays of import function in the air hose industry particularly for AirAsia which implement the low cost bearers. With more and more experts visual aspect in Asia, rivals in the field of air hose are able to contrive new things to cut down cost to win in the conflict, if AirAsia wants win eventually, the key is to ask for more professional experts to fall in them. Invention of rivals affects gross of AirAsia, excessively. New aeroplanes with high engineering would appeal to clients to alter buying wonts.

Environmental factors: Climate is a cardinal factor which influences the gross of AirAsia, nevertheless, natural factors are non planned or changed by human existences. Most of Asia states realize the importance of protection for environment, with globalisation and development of engineering, the pollution rise and the life milieus are damaged. Now, the motto of ‘energy economy and emanation decrease ‘ is popular in China, authoritiess request most organisations use clear energy to bring forth, particularly for air hose companies, lower cost but less pollutions to environment, fuel or gas must conform to jurisprudence of states.

Legal factors: Tax requested for clients will be increase by most states, which will impact the gross of AirAsia. Confronting more revenue enhancement for tickets, clients will experience uncomfortable and inquire to cut down the monetary value of tickets. Duty will alter harmonizing to current economic state of affairs of the universe, particularly for Asiatic states who export goods with lower cost to vie with domestic industry. Environmental protection ordinances will alter to bespeak AirAsia to utilize clear fuel or gas which addition cost and cut down gross. Laws of export and import will besides impact AirAsia, all these depend on policies of Asiatic states and economic system of the universe.

3.2 SWOT analysis

After saying cardinal external factors which will impact the gross of AirAsia, the company besides needs tools to analyse under these factors, what the development in the hereafter, the SWOT analysis pursues an incorporate strategic place by supplying internal information to reason the strengths, failing and external information of chances and menaces ( Bohm, 2009 ) . The SWOT analysis of AirAsia can be seen below:

Figure 1:


Low cost compared with other rivals, the nucleus value of AirAsia is low cost in Asia.

Effective direction, correct strategic places, mark clients.

Simple theoretical accounts implemented in AirAsia, researching for long clip to happen out suited developing theoretical accounts.

Secure clip and high quality of service attract more clients.

Expansion with more than five states in Asia, multi-skilled employees in company means efficient work force.

Continues invention, experts teams to contrive new type of aeroplanes.

Various air hoses for clients, turn outing more picks for clients.


Lower cost agencies lower wage for employees, could non appeal skilled employees.

Government ordinance and policies frequently change towards airdromes, higher revenue enhancement for clients and duty for export and import.

More demands of clients, higher compensation asked by riders increase cost of the company.

New entrants in this field, more intense competition in Asia.

Increasing monetary value of gas and fuel, less net income for AirAsia.

Brand is critical for market, airplanes merely with service worse than rivals who ask for higher monetary value.


Airlines from Asia to other states should be provided.

Different theoretical account but still maintain the rule of lower cost bearers.

Increase quality of client service and seek to put up a full-service with low menu.

Aggressive competition will drive air market prospers for new paths.

Higher monetary value of fuel will force rivals out of air industry.


Full service addition cost of AirAsia.

Entrants of air industry with lower cost.

Accident, alteration of clime and catastrophe will act upon assurance of consumers.

Close relationship among each system in AirAis will restrict development of company.

Higher wage asked by skilled employees, increasing cost of labour.

Government ordinances and intense relationship among specific states, unsteady political relations in Asia.

( Lim, 2012 )

3.3 Porter ‘s Five Forces

Porter ‘s five forces are used by directors to foretell possible menaces from rivals which will supply a theoretical account for directors to better understand the industry ( Roy, 2011 ) . After saying PESTEL and SWOT analysis of AirAsia, farther information related with rivals will be provided in the undermentioned portion. The diagram of Porter ‘s five forces could break aid readers to cognize more about possible menaces for AirAsia.

Figure 2i?s


Strong rivals from China and Singapore with the similar slogan ‘everyone can afford the air ticket ‘ as AirAsia.

Examples such as Spring Airlines in China and Value Air, Tiger Airways in Singapore are strong rivals for AirAsia.


In the field of air industry, the replacements are non indispensable menaces for AirAsia. Cars and trains are chief replacements, nevertheless, trains are chosen by transitions merely in China and India, with lower monetary value and safe status, non affected by alteration of clime, trains are influence air industry. Cars can be regarded as menaces for AirAsia in limited conditions, merely for clients who like driving and make non care clip.

Menaces of new entrants

Asiatic air market is a immense market with possible for most companies, non merely for Asian air companies, new entrants from Europe and America besides involve in intense competition with AirAsia. New entrants will alter the supply and demand, impacting AirAsia ‘ market portion. New aeroplanes and particular service will pull loyal clients from AirAsia to new entrants.

Dickering power of purchasers.

Consumers have more picks confronting big Numberss of air companies ; they will bespeak higher quality of service and be rigorous with the return off clip and arrival clip. They will compare monetary values of rivals with AirAsia, kicking lower monetary value of other air hoses to cut down gross of AirAsia.

Dickering power of providers

Suppliers concentrated, fuel or gas providers are chiefly in East Asia, and the monetary value of fuel and gas are altering without any bargaining of air companies. Fewer providers for fuel and aircrafts mean higher monetary value they could inquire for.

The growing of AirAsia depends on many factors ; the study has stated cardinal external factors which will act upon gross of AirAsia, internal factors of strengths and failing of AirAsia.

4.0 Decision

In decision, the study has stated three analysis of AirAsia in order to provide adequate information for readers to understand the strategic places and theoretical accounts the company implement. With PESTEL analysis, cardinal external factors act uponing AirAsia are adverting and SWOT analysis to supply AirAsia ‘ strengths and failing, AirAsia should maintain the nucleus value and provide better service with low cost bearers in long term. Porter ‘s five forces analysis besides shows possible menaces for AirAsia should detect in the hereafter, with new entrants and bing rivals, AirAsia should alter direction scheme and entreaty to more skilled staff.

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