Is workplace deviance a fact of life for companies, or can it be mitigated?

Essay Example on Workplace Deviance Examples

Explain. A: Workplace deviance is unethical behavior that violates organizational norms about right and wrong. It can be categorized by how deviant the behavior is, from minor to serious and by the target of the deviant behavior, either the organization or particular people in the workplace. Workplace deviance does happen in companies but it can all be reduced, making new rules for the company can red cue the workplace device if employees don’t follow rules they will be fired, it goes for ever employee.

Every problem that goes on in the company should be addressed immediately, if it’s a serious problem it will be employee will be fired and for minor warning for the employee, if problem keeps happening after being told, they will no longer work for the company. 2. If you can’t hire entire ethical employees, can you teach employees to act more ethically than they might be inclined? How?

A: Yes, If you have the trust and proper patients to each the employees, informing employees of any negative situations happens there will be consequences.


Would you be willing to pay more for products made by socially responsible companies? How much more?

A: Yes, I would be willing to pay more for produces made by a socially responsible company. I would pay only so much more, I wouldn’t pay double the amount but I would spend the extra amount of money.

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4. What influences ethical decision making?

A: Values which are deeply held, constantly beliefs about what is god and eight.

Mortality which is behaviors and beliefs on what is good and rights. Ethics which are moral phosphor, reasoning. Law which is reflects minimum ethics and enforced by state and Moral orientation which is your consistent basis for making moral and ethical decisions. 5. Outline a basic model for ethical decision making.

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