Breaking the Color Line

The following sample essay on “Breaking the Color Line” talks about segregated America, black baseball was forced to show their talents behind a color line. They were all victims of an unwritten law that no black man was allowed into the major leagues.

These black athletes were absent from the sports pages and were shunned from American sports history.These extraordinary athletes played in Negro Leagues which consisted of some of the greatest baseball players that ever lived.Integration of the major leagues was one of the most glorious chapters in black history.

From 1920, when thefirst Negro League was created, until 1946, when Jackie Robinson stepped across the color line, the Negro Leagues grew, provided enjoyment, overcame hardships, enriched life into black America, and was a symbol for all black people.

Judge Landis, who was one baseball’sfirst commissioners after the Black Sox scandal, said that the only barrier to baseball was a player’s ability.If a person could play the game, then he would be allowed to play.

Yet Clearly, the barriers were not based on skill and kept baseball segregated.Segregation itself was undermined when Negro Leagues’ victories came from white opponents.Negro Leagues were virtually ignored by white culture.In the black community, Negro Leagues was just a cultural institution, a norm within a norm.

Many African-Americans demonstrated their ability to play at a major-league level and many people started clamouring that segregation must end not only in baseball, but in America also.Many felt that if African- Americans fought for our country, then they should have equal opportunities elsewhere.

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The heart of the Negro Leagues was developing in the northern ghettos.Teams in New York’s Harlem and Chicago’s South Side grew where there was rich enough soil.The most popular Negro teams in these areas were the Pittsburgh Crawfords, Kansas City Monarchs, Chicago American Giants, New York Balck Yankees.

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Breaking the Color Line
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