Task about Selling Price and Profit

A company provides its advertising agency with a statement about a new product to use In designing an advertising campaign, and this statement Includes a description of the target market, the product type, the primary benefits of using the reduce, and how this product Is different from, and better than, competitive products. What type of statement Is this? A. Qualifying B. Positioning C. Determining D. Clustering Answer B Materials on the concept: Product Management and New-product Development 3.

Essay Example on The Sales Analysis Of A Product Revealed That Profits Were Highest When It Was Initially Introduced Into The Market With A High Selling Price.

However, The Price Was Gradually Reduced As It Started Facing Competition As Substitutes Entered The Market. This Is An Example Of A(N) _____.

The sales analysis of a product revealed that profits were highest when it was initially introduced into the market with a high selling price. However, the price was gradually reduced as it started facing competition as substitutes entered the market.

This is an example of a(n) A. Introductory price dealing B. Emperors price cut policy C. Skimming price policy D. Penetration price policy Answer C Promotion?illumination to Integrated Marketing Communications Top of Form 4. Blending the firm’s promotion efforts to convey a complete and consistent message Is the goal of A. Ales management communications B. Sales promotion communications C. Integrated promotional marketing D. Integrated marketing communications organizational structure Ethical Marketing in a Consumer-oriented World: Appraisal and Challenges Top of Form 5. According to the concept of social responsibility, a firm has a duty to A.

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Monomaniac regularly with the public B. Place profit above all other considerations C. Place customer satisfaction above all other considerations D. Conduct business in a way that is good for society as a whole, both now and for the future Answer D Firms and the Financial Market 6.

All things equal, this will lower the firm’s cost of capital. D. This will only affect the cost of capital if the firm uses CAMP to compute the cost of equity. Answer C 10. Buying and selling in more than one market to make a reckless profit is called A. Profit minimization B. Arbitrage C. International trading D. This cannot be determined from the above information. Using Supply and Demand 11 . The United States imposes substantial taxes on cigarettes but not on loose tobacco. When the tax on cigarettes went into effect, the demand for home cigarette rolling machines most likely A. Creased, causing the price of cigarette rolling machines to fall and the quantity of machines purchased to fall B. Decreased, causing the price of cigarette rolling machines to rise and the quantity of machines purchased to fall C. Increased, causing the price of cigarette rolling machines to rise and the quantity of machines purchased to rise D. Increased, causing the price of cigarette rolling machines to rise and the quantity of machines purchased to fall The Short-Run Keynesian Policy Model: Demand-Side Policies

Based on this information, we can best conclude that A. The law of demand is invalid B. Despite the increase in price, quantity demanded rose due to some other factor changing C. This situation has nothing to do with the law of demand D. The demand for a college education is positively sloped 17. Economic efficiency is achieved at a particular output level if A. Marginal cost is as low as possible B. Average fixed cost is as low as possible C. Average total cost is as low as possible D. Average variable cost is as low as possible 18.

A perfectly competitive firm will be profitable if price at the profit-maximizing quantity is above A. MAC C. TACT D. AFC Comparative Advantage, Exchange Rates, and Globalization 19. How are goods manufactured in other countries creating Jobs in the United States? A. People whose Jobs were outsourced are now discouraged workers. B. U. S. Firms are specializing in managing the trade of these goods. C. Foreign countries are importing U. S. Natural resources D. People who have lost Jobs have more time to shop and therefore increase demand for goods. Answer B

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