Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Literature

The earliest written documents were:
political and legal records

What is the Tetragrammatron?
The sacred name of Gods

Ancient cultures developed in ares like the Nile valley and the Tigris and Eurphrates Valley for what reason?
Ease of Agriculture

Which characterizes the Roman political system?
It separated political power.

What did the term “Spohist” mean?
A tutor.

The Phoenician writing system relied on…
An alphabet for consonant sounds.

During the dark ages of Greece, Greeks lost what?
Wealth, Writing, and Industry.

As Greece emerged from its Dark Ages, what empire ruled most of Asia Minor?

The Egyptian writing system known as hieroglyphics relied on…
a system of pictures

Who eventually took control of the Greek city-states that were in disarray after the war between Sparta and Athens?

One of the earliest literary texts was the Sumerian poem called The Epic of Gilgamesh. What writing system was used to first record this epic?

Most ancient cultures were….
Polytheistic (more than one god)

Roman literature often opposed social and cultural mores.

Did they celebrate things such as love and sex?


The earliest literature took the form of…
Oral stories and songs.

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Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Literature
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