Analyzing Ekphrastic Poetry Assignment

What does the difference in size between Icarus and the farmer at the forefront most clearly suggest?
The farmer plays a bigger role in the landscape than Icarus.

What detail of the myth is suggested in the poem but not in the painting?
What connection between the painting’s landscape and the myth does this detail convey?
2nd choice
3rd choice

How do the words pageantry, awake, and tingling relate to the painting?
They describe the vibrant landscape depicted in the painting.

What observation about suffering does this passage most clearly suggest?
Ordinary life continues for people even when others are suffering.

How does the description of the ploughman, or farmer, in the last stanza relate to the idea of suffering conveyed in the first stanza?
It emphasizes how one person’s tragedy might not affect someone else.

Which ideas from the poem are best reflected in the painting? Check all that apply.
The ship sailed on.
The farmer continued ploughing.

The sun still shone.

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Analyzing Ekphrastic Poetry Assignment
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