Analyzing the Meaning of Art
Why is Bernini’s sculpture of the biblical character, David (above), different from other famous sculptures of David?
c. The sculpture shows David as active and ready for battle.
When the artist painted this piece, what circumstance was the artist trying to criticize in society?
c. The mistreatment of women in France.

Which form of art allows the observer to learn about the artist through his/her work?
d. Biographical

How the art relates to the artist’s personal concept of self is referred to as ______________
d. Non-Structuralism
Which of the following statement(s) is/are true about the work of art above?
d. All of the above are true.

What is Deconstruction in art?
d. A branch of analysis that questions traditional assumptions about what we see, think, or do.
If a Structuralist was to look at this painting, what would he/she observe?
a. A grain stack in a natural landscape.

What method of art analysis considers the underlying unconscious meaning of an artwork?
a. Psychoanalysis

What is autobiographical art?
a. Artwork expressing something about the artist’s life.

Why is biography important to art and literature?
d. It allows the artist’s life is told through the work of art.

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Analyzing the Meaning of Art
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