American Sniper Themes

A significant theme in the movie American Sniper is patriotism. Patriotism has been sown thought the movie and implies that America is the breeding ground for heroes. An example of this is show at the bar scene where Chris Kyle is asked by a lady at the bar why he would die for his country after she accuses Navy SEALS for being self-centered , he says “Because it’s the greatest country on Earth and I’d do anything I can to protect it.

” If the rest of the movie doesn’t give any evidence that Chris was a patriot this quote certainly does put the nail in the coffin. Patriotism is no doubt useful in the world we are living today. It seems that every country and government is looking for willing and able patriots. Someone who is willing to give up their energy, money, time and even their life for the “greater good”. Clint displays this by allowing Chris’s countries wants to be reflected by his actions instead of Chris’s needs.

He wants America to be prosperous, that it will become greater than it already is. Now don’t get me wrong not all patriotism is good I believe that patriotism has a dark side too which Clint has touched on but I believe invokes the wrong response by the way the film has portrayed this “hero”. At one point in the film a child walks up to a company of soldiers with what Chris seems to identify as an explosive, with headquarters telling him that decision is on him whether to pull the trigger or not.

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Chris “put down the target” as his fellow Marines murmured, and Clint try’s to justify his actions right by invoking the response that 1 child’s life is worth less then a company of Marines and the audience leaves the cinema thinking of Chris as a hero. But is it really? It very well could be argued that Chris’s patriotism for his country saved his comrades life, but at the same time it could be argued that this form of patriotism is an extreme one and therefore undesirable as a blind patriot …

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