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The American Dream In The Great Gatsby Essay Paper

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The purpose in writing The Great Gatsby is to illustrate the true meaning of the American Dream. F. Scott Fitzgerald makes use of many different characters and symbols to depict the divisions in society and hunger for that upper, elite way of living. By showing the reader the social climbers, the idea of rags to riches, and the notion that the only way to be content is to own a mansion with fancy objects, he makes clear that he has an issue with this lifestyle. The American Dream is masked by materialism and immoral values of people trying to live this dream out; however, through this novel he reassures that there is still hope to restore the original values.

Jay Gatsby is a man filled with hope and ambitions. He moved from the Midwest in pursuit of the girl of his dreams that he lost five years ago, Daisy. On the outside, she appears to be an innocent beauty dressed in white, but the inside is filled with greed, manipulation, and money-oriented qualities. Daisy is the poster child for the corrupt American Dream as Fitzgerald perceives it. Gatsby believes that if he gains power and wealth that true happiness can be acquired. Daisy and her life are what so many people fight for, not realizing that that life will never accept them. Although she may appear sweet and kind, she is cold-hearted and gives little sympathy towards others’. She allows Gatsby, the one who truly loves her, to take the blame for the murder of Myrtle Wilson, and escapes with Tom to live a better life. That decision, coincidentally, leads the death of the Great Gatsby, but no concern was shown for him. This is evident by the empty funeral. In many occasions, instead of choosing love, Daisy chose money and power. For instance, the moment those pearls dangled on her neck, or when she leaves Gatsby for a more financially secure husband as he’s left fighting for his country. “They’re such beautiful shirts, she sobbed, her muffled in the folds. It makes me sad because…

The Great Gatsby American Dream Essay

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