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Acid And Base Lab Report Paper

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My hypothesis for these solutions is ammonia is acid, vinegar is neutral, rain cleaner is base, soft drink is base, baking soda is base, detergent is base, and lemon juice is an acid. For the red cabbage it would be the same as using red and blue litmus. If the pH number of the solutions is less than 7 then lemon juice is the only that is acid but it’s weak. If the pH number of the solutions is greater than 7 then ammonia, drain cleaner, soft drink, baking soda, and detergent are bases. If a solution equals 7 then vinegar is neutral.

Some of the materials are red litmus paper, blue litmus paper, hydration paper, pipettes, and 12 well spot plates.

The other materials that are chemicals or solutions are red cabbage juice, drain cleaner (Noah), detergent, baking soda (Enhance), ammonia (NH), soft drink, distilled water, vinegar (CHICHI), and lemon juice. For Part A the first step is on a paper towel lay-out seven pieces of red litmus paper, seven pieces of blue litmus paper, and seven pieces of hydration paper. Second step is use the pipette place one drop of the first solution on the red litmus paper and record observations. Third step is use the pipette place one drop of the first solution on the blue litmus paper and record observations.

Acid And Base Lab Report Essay Sample

Acid Base Lab Report

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Acid and Base Lab Report Acid and Base Lab Report Acid and Base Lab Report

The fourth and last step is repeat steps 2-4 with the remaining solutions. For Part B the first step is on a sheet of paper draw a diagram of a spot plate and decide which well will be used for each solution, then place a spot on the paper diagram. The second step is add 10 drops of each of the solutions to their own well in the spot plate. The third and last step is add 5 drops of the red cabbage indicator and record observations. My data is that with the red litmus the solutions that turn blue are ammonia, drain cleaner, baking soda, detergent, and lemon juice.

The solutions that stayed the same when the solution makes contact with red litmus are vinegar and soft drink. For the blue litmus the mostly stayed the same except lemon juice it turned pink. I have learned how to use the pH scale and also how to determine if the solutions are acids, bases, and neutral. For my hypothesis I was right I didn’t mess because basically studied my notes before doing the lab. This lab made me learn more because I didn’t really how to use the pH scale but now I do because had to use it in this lab.

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