The Important of Magwitch in Great Expectation

We first see Magwitch as a “fearful man” which gives us the impression that he is an unpleasant character. Magwitch is an escaped convict he is often judge on his appearance, up bringing and lack of education, which is important. Pip who lives with his sister- Mrs Joe- and her husband Joe Gargery, Pip was in a graveyard when he first comes across this fearful man. Magwitch was in grey rags, very hungry and cold he was covered in cuts, smothered in mud and stung by nettles.

The convict asks Pip to bring him “wittles” and a file, its ironic how a simple task will change Pips life forever.

The convict threatened to Pip’s “fat cheeks” and turned upside, which is also ironic as to what will happen to Pip in the future. Pip obeyed the stranger. Fearing for his life he steals porkpie, mincemeat and brandy for the convict from his home. He also got the convict a file.

Pip returns the next morning on the marches. Emptied his pockets, gave Magwitch the wittles and Magwitch gobbles them down like a “dog”. Pip showed Magwitch kindness and pity. Pip asked him if he had enjoyed the meal, Magwitch’s answer was “I did, thankyee dear boy”.

This is important because it shows compassion to Magwitch that he has never received. As he was an orphan and had no one. This is the first time we see a sign of humanity from the fearful man. Later on in chapter 5 soldiers were out looking for two convicts, Magwitch and another Compeyson.

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Joe, Pips brother-in-law a blacksmith helps the soldiers to look for the two convicts. The two men were found fighting on the marches. Pip was with Joe at the time when the two men were arrested. Magwitch noticed that Pip was with Joe and presumed that Joe was the man Pip lived with.

The convict not as bad as he looks owns up for Pip saying that it was him who stole the food he said “then I’m sorry to say, I’ve eaten your pie”. Magwitch didn’t want Pip to get into trouble at home. The humble blacksmith Pips father figure replies by “god knows you’re welcome to it”. The man Magwitch was fighting with Compeyson was a convict that Magwitch used to do crime with. Compeyson was a gentleman. The two men were tried in court together because of a forgery scam that the men were involved in.

The justice system favoured the rich and so Magwitch received 14 years but Compeyson only got 7 years. Compeyson had the benefit of “learning” and “public boarding school” Compeyson’s education and gentlemanly ways convinced the judges that he was innocent. This is a point the Dickens made out about a corrupt legal system. That was why Magwitch is prepared to go to any lengths to kill Compeyson. Magwitch feels that the only way he could get justice is to take matter into his own hands. After the soldiers had caught the two men.

Magwitch is transported to Australia. When he has served his time he can make a new life there, but if he returns to England he will face a death sentence. Magwitch farmed sheep, lives cheaply and saves his money for Pip. Pip not knowing any thing about this or the grate amount of money he will receive in the future. Pip thinking that he will not have much of a future becomes Joes apprentice Miss Havisham a wealthy old lady who lives in a big and rather gloomy house called “Satis House” invited Pip to play at her house.

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The Important of Magwitch in Great Expectation
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