Levi Jeans Advert

He then turns and sits down next to a large man, who wears dull clothes and doesn’t stand out like the young man wearing the jeans. The man has an almost disapproving look upon his face. At the very end of the advert the young man who stripped begins to read a newspaper, which is a very everyday act, which is showing how the man doesn’t feel like him stripping is anything out of the ordinary, indicating confidence and boldness.

The music played throughout this advert is “Heard it on the grapevine,” which is how gossip is often referred to and suggests that the man is something to gossip about, and somebody that is talked about. For young people, again they see somebody good looking wearing jeans, and in this advert the man wearing the jeans is admired by others, looks confident and stands out. Many people seeing this would believe that the jeans would make them stand out like that young man and purchase Levi’s jeans.

Beach Advertisement 74 is set on a beach, showing another good-looking man wearing Levi’s jeans, and carrying a surfboard. The man removes the jeans then leaves them on the beach. He bends down towards his dog and points at the jeans, as if he is telling the dog to guard the jeans for him. He then walks away with his surfboard. A typically good-looking woman in a bikini comes along the beach and sees the jeans. She looks for a moment before putting them on.

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When she attempts to walk away the dog grabs her leg and barks at her. She tries in vain to shake the dog off, but isn’t able to before the young man originally wearing the jeans comes back.

Levis Jeans Advert

The man laughs and then they walk away together laughing. Again this advert shows the man who is wearing the jeans getting the woman. In all the adverts that I have written about so far it has been the man wearing the jeans every time, and usually the man who is admired by the woman. In this advert the woman does put the jeans on, and the man looks at her in an admiring way, but again it is the man wearing the Levi’s that gets the woman and the woman that is attracted to the man, or to his jeans, showing how the Levi’s are once again the reason that the man gets the woman.

Summary Many impressionable audiences would believe that buying the jeans would make them instantly attractive, as the people featuring in these advertisements are, and seeing the man in the Levi’s always getting the girl would be an incentive to many young men to purchase these jeans. Throughout these adverts the men are all conventionally good-looking, the woman are usually fairly attractive also. They all appear to have confidence, such as the young man who strips in the laundrette.

Also others always admire the men that are wearing the Levi’s for their jeans, and they always get the woman, as opposed to the men who aren’t wearing Levi’s which in one advert one such man got his woman taken away. Overall there is the portrayal of people that wear Levi’s being better looking, admired by others, and being attractive to others. This would convince many people to purchase the jeans.

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Levi Jeans Advert
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