Skechers Advert

The Live advert takes up the whole page apart from the border at the bottom with the company name, “Schwarzkopf” on it. The effect of this is that they want the company name to stand out as well as the product and to be separate from the product. The Skechers advert takes up the whole page, the effect of this is that they want the whole advert to stand out. The Live advert is in colour. The advert needs to be in colour so then people would know what the product looks like.

If this advert wasn’t in colour then nobody would go out and buy it. The advert is in colour because it’s selling hair colour and the company needs to show us what the colour looks like.

The Skechers advert is in colour so you can seethe different colour trainers, also adverts need to be in colour so it can stands out and catch your attention.

 In both of the adverts they have shown us a picture of the product that they are selling so we can see what it looks like. In the Live advert it has pictures of the packaging, so if you want to buy it you know what it looks like. They haven’t shown the packaging in the Skechers advert, but the packaging would be a shoebox and you don’t need a picture to show it. The name of the first advert is Live this would imply that the hair colour would make your hair seem alive because it would be really shiny and glossy.

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Skechers Target Market

The name of the second advert is, Skechers USA this would imply that the company who makes these trainers are from the USA. Both of the adverts I have chosen tell a story. The live adverts’ story is two girls in the cinema; one girl has dyed her hair red. There are two boys at the back who are looking at the girls. The Skechers advert story is a group of friends having fun, smiling and enjoying them selves. The story of each advert helps promote the product because you want to be like them.

You want to be like the girl in the Live advert because the boys are attracted to her. You want to be like the girl in the Skechers advert because she looks like she is having fun. The relationship between the two girls in the Live advert is that they are friends. Also the two boys look like they are good friends. The girl in the Live advert has really shiny hair, she is also wearing a shiny top to make her stand out from everybody else. Everyone in the Skechers advert are wearing casual clothes, this would mean that the trainers would suit any type of clothes.

All the people in Skechers advert seem to be richer, because they are all wearing expensive clothes and trainers. The people in the Live advert don’t seem to be that rich because hair dye is cheaper than trainers are and they are at the cinema, which isn’t very expensive. The characters in the adverts are the people the target audience wants to be like, because they look like they are enjoying them selves. The Live advert has an advert shown on the television, but selling different hair colours as well as the one on this advert.

There are a few adverts that I’ve seen selling Skechers trainers, in one of them they have used celebrity endorsement, this means they pay a celebrity to advertise their product. In this case they have used Britney Spears. I found the Live advert and the Skechers advert in a Bliss magazine. Both of the adverts fit into this magazine because, they are trying to sell to teenagers so they put the advert in a magazine that teenagers read. It’s no point putting the adverts into a gardening magazine because gardeners aren’t the target audience.

The target audience for the Live advert is for teenage girl’s aged between fifteen and twenty-four.The target audience for the Skechers trainers is for teenage girl’s aged between thirteen and twenty-nine. The Live advert is trying to sell us the product using attractive people and romance because the boy’s are attracted to the girl’s, so if you get this product then boy’s would be attracted to you. In conclusion: I think that the Live advert is good because it’s got a lot of information in it. The Skechers advert is good because they look like they are having fun and makes you buy it because you want to have fun.

I would buy both of the adverts but if I had to chose one I would chose the Live advert because it persuaded me the most. I didn’t chose the Skechers advert because there are so many trainers on the market to chose from also I didn’t think the advert pursued me the most. I think both of the adverts would appeal to the target audience because it appealed to me, so if it’s good enough for me it’s good enough for anyone else.

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